Would I Lie (C.A.P. Dub)

Jeremy Sylvester feat Jadey Leigh. Set You Free. Treat Me Right. Jeremy Sylvester feat Kayleigh Gibson. In its original form, the track is a deliciously summery roller, where looped and cut-up sections of Gibson's classic house vocal ride a skipping, bass-heavy UK garage groove, positive chords and glistening melodies.

It comes accompanied by a dizzying array of remixes, most of which hit the spot. Highlights include DEM2's deep two-step garage re-rub, the thrill-a-minute excitement of Rude Jude's bouncy, piano-heavy interpretation, the deep UK-funky-meets-Afro-tech flex of the Concinity Remix and the raw, wobble bass-propelled swing of the Skyjoose Shadow Mix. Jeremy Sylvester feat Troy Denari. Sex Weed. Garage Future.

Full Throttle feat LNK. Nice 'N' Ripe All Stars unmixed tracks. Nice 'N' Ripe Allstars sees them revisit the bulging back catalogue of Grant Nelson's Nice 'N' Ripe label, an imprint that has tracked the rise, fall and subsequent rebirth of UK garage since its' birth in Soul Clap's mix - an action-packed track affair featuring some of their own edits and remixes of classic cuts - does a great job in showcasing the best the label has to offer, flitting between early US garage style jams, loose soulful house, sturdy two-step, bass-heavy speed garage and the kind of long-lost jams which should be bitten by today's retro-minded house producers.

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It Gets No Rougher. Walking with a Panther. Once upon a Drive By. Survival Tactics Feat. It's Funky Enough. Tales of the Funky. Scramble Gamble. Don't Stop Rappin'. Greatest Hits, Vol. Get promoted. In Lyrics. By Artist. By Album. Decade 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's. Filter by gender:. Dream: The Lyrics a…. A respectable start, but we hoped they were just an aperitif to Clannies. I persisted up the left bank and found a clean opening with some solid rocky structures within casting distance of the bank.

I cast and on the drop, a golden bar shot out of the murk and smashed my black streamer. A solid heavy tug followed the take and as it took off into the pea-soup deep, line peeled off my reel only for everything to go slack a few seconds later. Fuck, aagh! They here! I took a moment to get over myself and drink in the scene.

Clans have been surviving in these river systems for thousands of years. How many others had even fished here before? I imagined some long lost ancestor painting a wall with blood, sweat and tears after being broken off by the ancestors of these Clans.

Hands shaking, I lit a Styvie blue and focused on the positive; I had most likely connected to a Clan, these things are within reach. Ryan proved that moments later by going vas into a good fish and soon he netted his first Clan, eight pounds of glorious, rare yellowfish. We lost the light and headed back to camp on a high. What a start. One big Clan already ticked for the weekend.

Now we could just relax and fish our arses off. Sipping on my morning coffee while sucking on a cigarette I began to steal flies from the most promising boxes. Locked and loaded with a sawn-off year-old Stealth 5-weight now standing one eye shorter at 8,6 and stiff as a broom stick , a Shilton CK3 with a floating line, and the cherry on top: a tried and tested Tim Leppan Clanwilliam — I felt lucky.

Sunday, back in the big pool, Tudor gets broken off by a moose of a fish that took off underneath him and popped the 2x leader. Tim misses one. Like the kid with the test answers we boggie him with questions. The day was a blur of heat. We hiked 12km from pool to pool along dry, sandy riverbeds, sweating balls and wondering how the hell fish survive for thousands of years in this oven while we feel broiled in just a few hours.

We spotted large Clans cruising like nuclear subs, but only got smashed. The latter fight well for their size — if only they grew bigger than a cellphone. Ryan catches about 30, Tim gets a respectable smallmouth bass, Tudor too before he discovers his cellphone and camera are swimming in what used to be a waterproof backpack and understandably goes all Grumpy Smurf. Still no Clans for me. As I reel in that final, final, final cast and shuffle back to camp, my year expectation of landing a Clanwilliam yellow goes back into the dream state.

Right now, back in place above the bath I feel like Genevieve is skeefing me like Struan did all those years ago. Pick up that lip. Come back, try again. Maybe next time will be different.

Steve Hofmeyr is not involved. Perhaps the most famous example of a psychopomp is Charon, the undead ferryman who poles the dead across the River Styx to the afterlife. Slap a pair of Maui Jims and a Patagonia shirt on Charon, give him a sense of humour and a more modern skiff with a decent engine — do you not have the original flats guide? We live in the age of hyperbole.

If you have a few thousand Instagram followers you qualify as a celebrity. So let me be clear, Arno is not a Greek demi-god, but he is most definitely a pioneer. Species, destinations, techniques, flies — few have contributed as much as he has.

To cover it all is impossible in a magazine article so we will take as our guide the book he is working on: Life Through a Polarized Lense, a two-part biography. The first bit covers his initial experiences in the Seychelles. The second part is focused on West Africa.

Think of it as the Arno Matthee coat of arms. In the centre: Africa. On the eastern side, over where the Seychelles would be and up towards the Horn is a milkfish, its torpedo body leading to the agape, perpetually surprised mouth. Balancing it out in a similar pose on the west coast is a tarpon, gills rattling as it jumps along the coastline of Gabon, the Congo and Angola.

At the bottom is a laurel of yellowfish; both largemouth and smallmouth. Across the middle lie two crossed rods weights. Got it? Here we go. Mark volunteered Arno, his Vaal yellowfish china who, at the age of 26, had just retired from the stress and trauma of being a riot policeman in Alexandra township.

I decided I had to get out of that life. Thing is, out there, back then, he was a noob. His fly fishing skills were largely from freshwater, having spent every spare moment on the Vaal targeting yellowfish. Save for the odd magazine article he got his hands on, gleaning information on flats fishing was hard.

In addition, several of the species we now take for granted were not regular targets. One in particular caught his eye. I tied a lot of flies before I left for Alphonse. Got hold of anybody I could at that stage to give me ideas. That book and the few magazines we got our hands on, those were our only frames of reference.

Just seeing a milkfish for the first time, that was me, done. I wanted to catch one of those things on a fly rod. While fishing with fellow guide Wayne Haselau for bonefish with a small chartreuse and white clouser, skipping the little fly along the bottom through a strong current, a school of milkies came through and a small one of around 10 pounds just picked the fly up off the bottom. In that time he and Wayne obsessed over developing an effective.

From making flies with epoxy and sand to tying in little hackles, experimenting with foam, they tried any material they could get their hands on. Nothing worked. When I watched them I noticed the fish on the surface would sit and open their mouths.

But the fish just below them were picking up heavier particles like benthic algae dislodged off the flats in spring tide.

The solution came to Arno in a dream. I jumped up and tied five flies. What I did was tie in the calf tail, white calf tail with the chartreuse calf tail above it, and then I looped in egg yarn that I still had in my bag from using as a strike indicator material from yellow fishing.

I tied the fly on and got the guy to cast. First cast was too short. It was really a very close cast. On the second drift, the fish just ate the fly. I went absolutely crazy. The client struck in time, but then this fish just shot off, wrapped us around every coral head and started jumping. We proceeded to hook over 40 fish, which left us destroyed, finished. We went through all my flies, until the clients had no fly lines left and all their rods were broken.

We had been catching them almost cast for cast using the fly I had dreamed up that night, the milky dream. It was a massive breakthrough. A previously uncatchable species unlocked. Chanos chanos were now possible and Arno had laid down a marker and earned himself a new nickname: The Milkman. Along with milkfish, he becomes one of the first to catch triggers and Indo-Pacific permit on fly. He develops other go-to fly patterns like the GT flashy profile and techniques for GTs that are mimicked all over the world at later stages.

Keith Rose-Innes joins them. While back in South Africa, Arno — whose formative fly fishing years were spent pioneering smallmouth yellowfish on fly in the Vaal with James Warne, Johan Strijdom and Mark Yelland — is told that their bigger cousins, the largemouth yellows, are extinct in the Middle Vaal. Taking it as a challenge he sets out to prove the doubters wrong and in four outings near Parys he and his fellow anglers caught more than fish over six pounds by learning to fish different waters for them.

Those were the catches that laid the groundwork for the legion of fly anglers out looking for largies on any given weekend today. More time passes, the Seychelles becomes more and more popular. Pirates come to the Seychelles.

Pirates go. Arno continues to work the atolls, Providence, Cosmoledo, Astove, you name it, working up to 32 weeks and anglers a season, sometimes with 46 GTs caught in a morning session. After Even if you can afford the trip there is still no guarantee you will get one. Lastly, if the stars align and you manage to get there, catch one and successfully land it off the shore or from a boat, you are probably going to be finished. Sitting there in the sand, wide-eyed, legs still shaking — would you even notice that the fish was male and that it just jizzed on you?

Their skills and stories came from there after all. It was in Angola, with long-term client and occasional business partner Rob Lewis, that Arno caught his first tarpon. His description echoes that of seeing milkfish for the first time. The end of my sanity. That was all I wanted to catch. They are silver, they jump, they are super-powerful, we catch them on tiny flies in shallow water, the whole design and makeup of them is incredible. Their size; the tail, the eye, the gill plate are ginormous.

In comparison to the fly, the boat and the angler are all Lilliputian. The ocean is full of the fine and the freaky, but tarpon are one of the few truly mighty fish that fly anglers have a real shot at. The ultimate challenge.

That in effect is what Arno is about, his essence as a guide. Finding a challenge, making plans and trying things. Mastering a species and a fishery, then moving on to another, constantly shifting himself from master to student and back again. Arno tries things until, shaman-like, the solution manifested itself — in his freaking dreams. Challenge: Largemouth yellows are extinct in the Middle Vaal?

Arno finds them and catches them, opening up a whole new world for local fly fishermen. Arno makes a plan. Based off a tip, around Arno got hold of a French guy called Patrick in the Congo who ran a surf camp along the coast near Point-Noire. It took time but he eventually found tarpon rolling. First cast, he was in, a big fish at around 90kg almost jumping on the kayak.

That was just a taster. On the change of the tide, she just dropped and lay down on the sand, maybe 60m from shore. I ran back to camp, got the boat, rowed around and using markers I had on the shore I found the fish again. I cast the fly and let it sink down on her. First strip, she woke up and ate the fly. Nobody fishes for tarpon there, not even the locals because they just break all their stuff, break their boats, guys will drown.

I spent five days, up and down there, seeing fish and when I got back, I phoned Rob and said I have found an amazing tarpon fishery. West African tarpon are exactly the same fish as those on the other side of the Atlantic. He also believes that they grow bigger in Africa. The Congo is protected largely by its own inaccessibility, while Gabon with its progressive government approach is streets ahead in terms of conservation.

In West Africa I keep discovering new places. The tarpon are loose in those areas, in those gullies. They sleep there, feed there. You can also see how the tide influences them pushing them right close to the beach on an incoming tide and when it pulls out they get pulled out with it, carrying on feeding.

I found another place with an inland lake where I caught the biggest tarpon of my life. This fish was black and its scales were copper. It was more than 90 inches long and if you put a tape across her, it measured 30 inches. I was with Rob Lewis and this fish towed our boat around.

I really want to do more to conserve our fisheries because I can see the impact we make, even a few fly fishermen. Every time I go out there I learn. For me the focus is now on catching a fish the way I want to catch it. That allows me more time just to observe a lot more. His face set in the tarpon glaze; somehow calm, connected and possessed. Master and student.

Photos Mark Murray. Eventually I look at my watch. Time to get up. Up at 4am to get to the beach before dawn, then we fish the surf until 7am. From there we hit the lagoon to chase busting longfin jacks or work the mangrove edges to smash baby snapper on topwater flies before getting back to camp well before lunch.

Initially, we spend the time around camp drinking beers and tying flies, but as the week unfolds, our presence on the stoep diminishes as most of us seek the solitude of our rooms and the prospect of rest. We board the boats at 4pm and fish the evening session which will last as late as 11pm, depending on the action going down.

I make it to the lounge for a cup of coffee.

At the bottom is a laurel of yellowfish; both largemouth and smallmouth. Across the middle lie two crossed rods (weights). Got it? Good. Here we go. W W W. T H E M I S S I .

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