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If you wish to apply, you must complete a Traveler Inquiry Form using our online application and provide legible copies of certain required documentation via email at TRIP dhs. If your attachments exceed 10 MB, they will be rejected due to size. If necessary, please send seperate emails with attachments using the same subject line. If your concern relates solely to a belief that your personal information has been misused or that your civil rights have been violated, you may skip to Section 'Incidents Related to Privacy' of this form.

The G is not used by this program. Each individual that is seeking redress must submit a separate application along with a copy of a valid, unexpired travel document, e. If the applicant is a minor i. Beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Discover the Great Northwest. Map out a few key stops and don't over plan.

Give each passenger ownership over a daily portion of the trip. Embrace those things you can't see or do anywhere else. Download maps and take screenshots of directions, while you have Wi-Fi connection. Don't forget a USB car charger or a smartphone unit. Be prepared and pack a travel first aid kit and emergency roadsite kit. Pack a cooler filled with healthy snacks and water. Store extra utensils in a zip-top bag and bring extra garbage bags.

Let each child choose a stop once in a while. Give your child a camera and let them document the trip. Get children's books about the places you're driving through. Buy gas with a credit card that gives you cash back of bonus miles.

To help with bookings, call our support phone number

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