Traversable Wormhole - Traversable Wormhole Vol. 01-05 (CD)

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More Images. Around the World. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. CD , Compilation, Mixed. Not so great for any ship that happens to be passing through at the time. So, if spontaneous wormholes aren't workable, is there another way to create them? Theoretically yes, and we have black holes to thank for that.

They are involved in a phenomenon known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge. It's essentially a wormhole created due to the immense warping of space-time by the effects of a black hole. Specifically, it has to be a Schwarzschild black hole, one that has a static unchanging amount of mass, doesn't rotate, and has no electrical charge. So, how would that work? Essentially as light falls into the black hole, it would pass through a wormhole and escape out the other side, through an object known as a white hole.

A white hole is similar to a black hole but instead of sucking material in, it repels material away. Of course, reality bites here: it would be impractical to even attempt to pass through the wormhole to begin with. These problems are expected to be magnified by the adoption of nanotechnology. The latest work indicates they do not. In particular it examines how local empire time zones fuse together, forming In the past trading empires have coped with time delays on commerce routes of the order of a few years at most.

This suggests that economic zones would find it difficult to encompass more than one star system. Travelling beyond this would require significant re-orientation upon return, catching up with cultural changes etc. It's unlikely people would routinely travel much beyond this and return.

Nanotechnology [12] only exacerbates the situation. We expect full- nanotech, uploading , AIs etc to arrive before interstellar travel becomes practical. Assume we keep the same dimensions for our bodies and brains as at the moment.

Once we are uploaded onto a decent nanotech platform our mental speeds can be expected to exceed our present rates by the same factor as electrical impulses exceed the speed of our neurochemical impulses - about a million. Subjective time would speed up by this factor. The closest planet then would seem further away than the nearest star today.

With full nanotech there will be little need to transfer matter. Trade in the distant future is likely to consist of mostly information. Design plans for new products, assembled on receipt. Patterns of uploaded consciousness of intrepid travellers. Gossip and news. But with communication delays to Alpha Centauri of the order of millions of subjective years two-way exchanges are difficult to imagine - even when we are enjoying unlimited life spans.

Communication and exploration would be, essentially, a one-way process. If you had a yen to travel to the Alpha Centauri you could. Squirt your encoded engrams down an interstellar modem and arrive decode at Alpha. Assuming the receiving station hasn't shut in the intervening millions of years of subjective cultural change. You could leave a copy behind as redundancy or if you wanted to explore both regions, but I suspect many of us will not find this completely satisfactory.

The speed of light barrier would limit us and cramp our style us much more than it does at present. What stops faster than light travel? According to relativity as an objects accelerates towards the light-speed barrier its mass increases asymptotically, slowing its acceleration with constant thrust. Ship time slows down, which also reduces thrust eg for a photon driven ship the frequency of the beam red-shifts. Both make effects make light speed an insurmountable barrier.

Since the advent of relativity there have been a number of approaches to travelling faster than light: Tachyons: Faster than light particles compatible with relativity. They never have to cross the lightspeed barrier because they are posited to be created already travelling at over the speed of light.

No general consensus on whether they would permit the transmission of information. However none have been detected, so things look bleak either way. Superluminal quantum effects: EPR, quantum teleportation and all that. Relies on transmitting information via the posited collapse of the wavefunction. Often relies on an accompanying classical sublight signal as well.

People argue passionately above the reality of the wavefunction and whether it collapses. Until this is settled we can't expect too much here. No quantum superluminal laboratory effect been demonstrated either. Spinning black holes: Things looked hopeful for a while that spinning or charged black holes might permit travel into other regions of somewhere. More recently people have become doubtful.

It seems the passage of anything through a black hole sets off a feedback process that crushes the traveller to death.

Also infalling radiation blueshifts to infinity [10] and fries the traveller, if tidal forces don't shred her first. Non-traversable Wormholes: First developed in the form of Einstein-Rosen bridges.

An Einstein-Rosen bridge connects two otherwise widely separated regions of space. Unfortunately they are very short-lived and pinch off so quickly that only tachyons if they existed could travel through them and get out the other end without getting caught in the singularity needed to create them. But if you could travel faster than light you wouldn't need a wormhole- Catch! For all the above reasons the conventional wisdom is that faster than light travel is the 20th century's analog of the alchemist's dream of transmuting lead into gold or flying to the moon.

Or living for ever. They seemed impossible dreams at the time The prospects for FTL travel looked bleak in the mid s. Then Carl Sagan asked some theoretical physicists for plausible methods for FTL to include in his forthcoming book, Contact.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Traversable Wormhole Vol. on Discogs/5(29).
  2. Buy Traversable Wormhole Vol. (The Digital Album Version) by Traversable Wormhole on Bleep. Download MP3, WAV, FLAC.
  3. Vor 12 Jahren war bei mir noch Hardstyle angesagt, heute ist es der CLR-Sound, der mich begeistert wie kaum ein anderer. Auf 10 Tracks hat man hier die volle Palette von mystischem und chilligen, bis hin zu elektrisierendem und treibenden Techno. Habe auch die "Traversable Wormhole Vol. ", welche ebenso genial ist!5/5(3).
  4. Vinyl and CD Discography; 22 Releases 2 Albums 18 Singles & EPs 1 Compilations 1 DJ Traversable Wormhole: Traversable Wormhole Vol. (Comp) 3 versions: CLR (2) Germany: Sell This Version: 3 versions.
  5. Download Traversable Wormhole Vol 01 05 (continuous DJ mixes By Adam X & Chris Liebing) by Traversable Wormhole at Juno Download. Listen to this and millions more tracks online. Traversable Wormhole Vol (continuous DJ mixes By Adam X & Chris Liebing).
  6. Traversable Wormhole Volume (The Remixes) Continuous DJ Mix. Chris Liebing. Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard) D min. Release Only. People Also Bought. Chris Liebing presents 10 Years CLR. Chris Liebing, Green Velvet, Alex Bau, Pfirter.
  7. Nov 17,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Traversable Wormhole Vol. 5 on Discogs.
  8. Transducer is unquestionably my #1 pick when it comes to Traversable Wormhole productions. With the slick side mechanical chain stabs, the far out echoing reverberating synths, its sound was that of an unstoppable infernal ton steam train engine closing in on you, and there's no place to hide.

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