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About addition 36 :. Okami was shackled to a post it was most unpleasant. About addition 37 :. The crowd went wild with their yelling as the two met each other in the middle. Marcus blocked a swing from his opponent with his sword. The clash ranged throughout the arena causing another uproar. Falun's arm shook a little from the two swords meeting together.

It was at this time Marcus decided it was a good opportunity to punch his opponent in the face. His opponent reeled back a little from the force. Falun growled in rage and brought his own fist into contact with Marcus' dome. The fighter grunted and swung at the man's chest, who quickly dodged to the side. Marcus was planning for this and swiftly moved his foot to make the man trip. He fell and spun like atop for a few moments. Falun soon landed on his back,but moved himself up from the position, not allowing Marcus to pounce on him.

The two stared at each in anticipation for the other's attack,both trying to catch their breaths as they did so. Hell, he even placed the bets in the unofficial pools.

If either party won or lost, he would still win. About addition 38 :. Marcus watched Falun. He had to admit, the other was good.

Still, it would be a good idea to stop showing off, or, rather, make things more interesting. Marcus loosened the straps on his shield, so that he could free his arm, and dropped it. He then kicked it away. Falun watched him. The crowd was doing plenty of shouting, some for keeping the shield, and others for dropping it. Either way, they'd get a show.

Falun loosened the straps on his armbands, and dropped his shield. Falun fell to the ground, groaning in pain. Falun gasped. Marcus tried to hit him with the pummel of his sword, but Falun grabbed his arm to stop the blows, and in the process, ripped more of Marcus's shirt. Marcus finally kicked Falun off of him, rolled, and stood up. There, visible to all to see, were dragon scales. Falun grinned. Makes things unfair now. Even blunted swords could still do damage, even if one did have some dragon blood in them.

Drop the dispute, and come with me. You might get your chance. About addition 39 :. If only she could understand these outsiders' language! About addition 40 :. He watched as the two fighters abruptly stopped and began to The changeling scratched his chin, what was going on? He craned his head, as if that would help get him closer to the conversation. Behind him, a certain gem named girl appeared right behind him.

The Grim Reaper. About addition 41 :. While the fight was taking place Fredrick walked among the people, looking for his prey. No one gave him a second glance, which was a good thing because of what he was. During the war the Dark Lord made many evil and monstrous beings. But none were more hated and feared then the Revenants. The Dark Lord used his greatest smiths to forge frightening black armor and using dark magic bound the souls of noble knights, many of which had fought against The Dark Lord's armies, to the armors and bind them into his service.

Fredrick was one such revenant, his black armor was covered in spikes to ward off anyone foolish enough to strike at him and his face was shaped like a snarling demon to frighten anyone who looked upon him. His armour was also taller than most humans and Fredrick would have stood at the same height as a large orc. Since revenants were a type of undead warrior they were able to speak to the dead but revenants also still had full use of their voice and was able to talk to the living as well.

Lord Dukco had been the captain that had slain Fredrick's mortal self and presented his soul to The Dark Lord. Fredrick was then forced to do many attrocities while he was the dark lord's thrall. After the dark lord fell, the magic keeping Fredrick bound disappeared and he regained his free will. Fredrick hated Lord Dukco with everything he had and had dedicated his unlife to ending him.

He was currently hunting a commander of Lord Dukco who frequently visited the fights, looking to recruit more soldiers for Lord Dukco's army. After a moment Fredrick saw the commander walk away from the fights and into an alley. The commander had become bored when the combatants suddenly stopped fighting. Fredrick quickened his pace and walked after the commander but as he did so he walked past a blind draconian priest.

The priest sniffed the air and reacted to his presence but Fredrick didn't care. As Fredrick walked into the alley he saw the commander talking to two other men. I guess we'll have to How would you like to make some coin? He grabbed one of the men and tossed him into a nearby wall, knocking him out. The other man drew his sword and swung it at him but Jacob grabbed the sword with his left hand and snapped it in two.

The man gave him one frightened look then ran out of the alley. Fredrick then stepped forward and as the commander swung his sword at him, Fredrick knocked it out of his hand with the large axe he carried with him then grabbed the commander by the chest and lifted him up to his face.

You have no idea what he'd do to me! The commander groaned in pain as Fredrick tightened his grip. He knocked the commander out with a punch to the face then placed the man on his shoulder and prepared to leave the alley with him.

As he turned around he saw the same draconian priest standing by the entrance to the alley with a female centaur and a undead skeleton. Step Aside!! Everything has a scent, even Briana here.

But you have none. This means that you can only be one thing, revenant. I'm surprised, I thought all revenants were destroyed in the war. He had no intention of hurting the priest but he knew the stories told of revenants and hoped to scare the priest away by bluffing.

In fact I might be able to help you find your way. You seek Lord Dukco, do you not? Join us and you'll get your chance. Just leave the human where you found him. Fredrick considered the proposal for a moment before putting the commander down on the ground. If your lying then I'll make you regret it! The priest just smiled. I'm Drakus, The centaur is called Robin and this is Briana, as you already know. I'll take you to the leader of our little venture, come. About addition 42 :. The four located Jason, who was at a spot where the fight could be watched, without much issue.

Jason looked at him, and then looked at Briana. At least three undead, a centaur, a blind draconian, and a human with draconian blood. Then there's that wolven your friend is trying to win, and I think that spoiled noble brat might throw in with us. Marcus told him that we're after that one. Then there's that shapeshifter. No child wants to call you father.

Dukco took those from me. Fredrick sighed. Drakus chuckled. Good to know it's true. I hope you're good at Wolven.

He looked out at the Arena. Now Marcus planted his point. What's that about? He doesn't get the Wolven, or his money, but at least he still has his Freedom. In the arena, Falun walked up the Marcus, and extended his hand.

Marcus accepted it. The guards unshackled Okami, and pointed at Marcus. Okami walked over to him. Okami looked at Falun. The person killed his mother.

About addition 43 :. Finally free Okami wished more than anything for a long sleep. About addition 44 :. What in the Seven Hells just happened? Turning around, Shylock was shocked to see Sapphire at the arena. About addition 45 :. Fredrick watched as the wolven and the two humans left the arena and walked towards them. Drakus gestured to Jason. I'm pleased to see you survived. So he sent a revenant to kill him. I was that revenant, Marcus wasn't the first target I was sent to kill.

But he 'Was' the first one to get away from me. Have you been told about the mission? Both of them nodded their heads. I'm doing this for Dukco's head. I've already claimed it as my own.

I'll have no use for it once it's been removed from his shoulders. The priest is called Drakus and the skeleton is called Briana and I believe you've already met Robin. Or do you have anyone else in mind? Saw him sometime ago but lost sight of him for now.

Do you think you can track him? He held up a piece of cloth that looks like it had been torn from some clothing. Fredrick, Briana, Jason! You'll go with Drakus. The rest of us will go with Okami. Remember, he can make himself look like anyone, even one of us so don't trust your eyes. If you have reason to be suspicious then ask something that only the real person would know. We could definitely use one. When they take someone's shape they gain some of their abilities, but not their skill or knowledge.

About addition 46 :. I heard about it from them when I was over there. Robin chuckled. Robin pulled out a slip. Robin pulled out another slip. We'll all meet back here, and stick together. Make sure the sniffer is with you at all times. Okami looked at Marcus. We'll get an Amulet of Common for you later.

About addition 47 :. The scent of th shapeshifter was strange. About addition 48 :. About addition 49 :. Shylock ran as fast as he could among the crowd. Not only did he have Sapphire following him but the draconian priest seems to have gotten together some friends and were now hunting him as well. For what reason he wasn't able to find out yet and I wasn't willing to risk finding out.

Even worse was the fact that two of them had a better sense of smell so even his shape changing ability won't be enough.

As he ran, he smelled a nearby fish market. This might throw them off for a while. He changed direction and headed towards the fish market. He knew that the sniffers would have a harder time picking up his scent with so many other strong smells in the air. Marcus followed Okami as she ran through the streets. After a moment he saw a fish market ahead and he knew from personal experience that it would be difficult to track him through that.

When she reached it she suddenly stopped and sniffed the area around her. Hutchinson in Bishop John Bickersteth, who was born in the room in Meister Omers which is now the Shells' study area, has presented the House on long-term loan with a portrait of himself.

This coincides with the launch of his edition of his grandmother's war diaries, The Bickersteth Diaries Her family was the last to live in Meister Omers, and a distinguished portrait of the Canon already hangs in the Housemaster's drawing room. The Headmaster launched the publication before about a hundred guests in St Augustine's, including Lord Coggan, who contributed a foreword to the book, and twentyfive members of the Bickersteth family.

Mr Raymond Butt is well known for his expertise on railway matters, and this expertise is now in the public domain following the publication of his Directory of Railway Stations. With more than 16, entries it is a complete listing of all names carried by railway stations , past and present, in the United Kingdom.

There are photographs of items from his collection of tickets , built up over four decades. Britain - a guide to architectural styles since is the title of Mr Hubert Pragnell 's latest publication. He tells us that although the book has more than pages, it fits into the pocket like the s best-seller containing the thoughts of Chairman Mao.

Any other similarities are, presumably, coincidental. The same publisher, Ellipsis, has recently produced a work by Mr Pragnell 's former pupil Samantha Hardingham GR : England a guide to recent architecture. The Royal Naval College at Greenwich has produced a print of Mr Pragnell 's watercolour of the Painted Hall , for sale to officers attending courses at the defence colleges.

He is 'trying to do his bit to make this wonderful hall fully appreciated before it loses its naval connection in after over years'. Early on in the term he gave in the Schoolroom an illustrated talk, organised by Kent Arts and Libraries, entitled 'Unlocking the Middle Ages'.

One section of this talk was on the subject of magic numbers, and referred to the significance of the number of fishes in the miraculous draft. His young daughter later told him that the light under which he was lecturing bore the number - a matter of significance only to the Premises Department?

Those mathematically inclined might like to work out the odds of such a happening. It comes to the rather alarming conclusion that a computer capable of bridging the gap between scientific discourse and ordinary discourse would need to be larger than the known universe, and that the alternative scenario is a situation of 'hopeless and infinite regress '. The recent biography ofW.

Those who wish to share Dr Mallion's mixed feelings about the company he keeps in the index under ' m' are invited to refer to page of the biography. The seventh Calvin and Rose G. The Librarian is grateful for a number?

Wra1ght has kmdly given a copy of her book The Story that the Sonnets Tell. Walpole monopolises our notes on O. Jeremy Maule WL 1s co-ed1t? The author moves via some strange subconsc1ous assoc1at10n of Ideas from a letter wntten by Mr Reid to an analys1s of David Gower's handwriting.

Lords of Parliament , edited by R. Davies , includes the first fl1:aJOr study of Lord! Contemporary British Art in Print is the title of a book and an exhibition,.

As usual , we are able to report that various distinguished O. Could this be an O. Mr 1 1am uggan as taken charge of Batley Grammar School: as Headmaster. Not an O. Mr Jonathan Powell GL continues to enjoy a. While he was a pupil at King's, he sang in the concert which marked the openmg of the Shirley Hall.

Mr Deller's Canterbury Festival programme cover and poster were provided by a. It shows the Cathedral seen across the Green Court. The artist 1s one of the three O. Michael Morpurgo GL , the author of. As one of five category wmners alongside Roy Jenkms.

The judges described the novel as ' deeply moving and believable' and it is considered to be highly readable for adults. He was playing the part of Prospera in The Tempest in Oxford, as a member of the professional theatre company called the Oxford Headlights.

What excited the reporter was the presence in the audience of David's former colleagues from Mercury Asset Management in London. The paper quoted him as saying: 'It's very sweet of them to come and watch me. They all say they wish they had the guts to throw in their jobs. Smooth-talking people into trusting you with their money is just acting after all'.

Following Oxford and Edinburgh, the company was bound for Singapore. The villagers of Boughton, Dunkirk and Hernhill may not have tackled The Tempest just yet, but their theatrical endeavours also merited media attention. Fifteen members of his family have passed through King's in the last years, most recently his sons Ben GL and Joshua GL The first vicar of Dunkirk, sent there to civilise the natives after the notorious Courtney riots of the s, also initiated a King's clan, the Horsleys.

Mr Stuart Neame, father of a current King's family, was the musical director. Mr Mowll told the paper that 'selecting the cast had proved to be good fun'. The report goes on: ' Pallbearers from Hogben and Partis funeral directors , Faversham, appeared as themselves. Under the name Cantores Cryptae they sang services there under his direction at the end of August.

This was the first such venture bringing together singers from a number of previous years. Eliot described it as 'a wonderful reunion, gossip exchange and holiday '.

Mr Harris feels that it is destined to be repeated. Readers who happened to be passing Blewetts the Bakers in Pydar Street, Truro, before Christmas would have had a chance to hear another past member of the choir, Tessa Spong SH She chose this spot for strictly musical reasons: the plate glass and brick of Marks and Spencer provided an excellent acoustic for her busking.

Our journalistic source tells us that she is 'now' a member of the BBC Symphony Chorus , but does not make it clear whether this is a direct consequence of her performance outside the bakery.

We imagine that the timing of this mission is designed to coincide with our fourteen-hundredth anniversary celebrations. He ran in the New York Marathon in November in aid of a wildlife project dedicated to saving the Siberian tiger from extinction.

The regiment is known as the Tigers. Two other well-known fitness fanatics have hit the headlines by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, all 19, feet of it. Daniel Hullah MR completed the climb with his father, our former Chaplain , now Canon Peter Hullah, who first climbed the mountain when he was a student teacher in Kenya.

The temperature went from 25 degrees at the start to minus 12 at the summit. Canon Hullah , describing himself as 'a keen long-distance walker', told The Manchester Evening News: 'The mountain has become steeper over the last twenty-six years. The staff at Junior King 's has been joined by O.

We are reminded that the recycling process goes well beyond that of Mr Curl despatching pupils to his former teachers at King's: he was taught by Mr Woodley , whose father taught his father; and his maternal grandfather, who was an HMI, inspected J. Anyone planning a visit to Russia will note this cautionary tale involving journalist Thomas de Waal MT Do not accept a drink from a stranger. Mr de Waal whiled away a lonely evening in Kursk with two friendly locals. A few vodkas produced a more than usually strong sense of disorientation, during which his wallet was stolen and he was left to his own devices in the snow.

The drug clonidine, better known as a treatment for high? Clinics catering for foreign VISitors to Moscow are now treating several cases of clonidine poisoning a month. You have been warned. Probably not for the last time. The only subject that signals Its enlightened nature by the curtailme nt of its name to initials is P. And the afternoons were a treat : double Maths, double Latin , double Greek.

We apologise to Mr A. Wilson GR for an error in our last edition. In his obituary of Mr John Corner we had a party of 'six boys from several schools' being led to Canada. The number mysteriously moved into that part of the text from the line below, where it referred to the number of places visited between Banff and Quebec. What do Rumanian Christmas cards , wheelchairs, knitted teddies and carol singing have in common? Walpole House has indulged in a spree of charitable events , including a twenty-four hour sponsored needle-click.

Even the House Tutors rose to the occasion, although some teddies were unique in a dropped-stitch sort of way. King's Knitting. The video , called Apple Pie 5 , follows the exploits of the 'Video-kids' as they make a school documentary R. Their exploits include interviewing dog-owners walking their pets, ghost. Readers are advised that the end-result is for video release only , and that they should not start queumg at their local cinema.

And he didn' t j ust cope: he exchange between N. Unlike the usual run of appointments with for years; he carried out fieldwork in local villages; where one expects to draw up a short list from a number he worked alongside colleagues and students on fieldof applicants, to interview and finally after due courses in Dorset and Cumbria; and in his 'spare' time consideration to coached rugby appoint , with and cricket as this e xchange well as being a we were faced temporary tutor with no choice, in Tradescant.

I hope Christmas from Mark felt that he Hilton College, was able to take P ie termaritzback to Hilton as burg, and simply much of value continue from as I feel that where N. I gained from had left off. I him. He was wondered what never afraid to the 6a pupils ask for help and m ig ht think, he was always what our new willing to help colleague would us. He contrimake of A-level buted much to and G. It is possible him.

I'm not ris k is we ll sure how much wo rth ta king. Lee and the boys The two indiM. I hQpe Bryce enjoyed his year at StPeter's and.

I have seldom come weather. Mark had to cope R. It is encouraging to note the larger number of pupils who took School Prayers this term. A ll are to be congratulated: the standard was pleasingly high.

Members of staff continue to be very supportive in leading both School and Crypt Prayers. This is a long term. That the music, from both Crypt Choir and Chapel C hoir, has been sustained so well is impressive.

There is much for which to be thankful. The message of Christmas is a disturbing one. God is living in this world: he is born in impoverished surroundings to an unmarried teenage mother in an obscure town in a remote province of the Roman Empire at a rather undistinguished time in its history. If we wish it, the junketings of C hristmas can obscure this. If we wish it, the junketings of C hristmas can celebrate this.

The Christian belief is that the birth of Jesus transforms the world : it makes it more fully what God created it to be. In a term characterised by some fine preaching and excellent music, the most lasting memory for many may be of the Remembrance Sunday service. The weather was absolutely ideal - to the extent of a gentle breeze causing dying leaves to cascade during the two minutes' silence; the readings thoughtfully executed; the music first-class; the Chapel Choir breathtaking in its simplicity of tone and quality of diction.

It is a service which every member of the school values and contributes to : that is evident from the quality of the congregational participation. For some a lasting memory will be of the sermons: exemplified perhaps by Father Harry Potter on Advent Sunday, whose captivating style of delivery and clear exposition of the Christian Gospel rivalled even the Bishop of Edinburgh at the Commemoration Service.

The Carol Service, as always, was memorable for a variety of reasons. Again, the fact that those attending value the service and consequently participate positively is one of the most important parts: corporate worship in a boarding school is a significant part of community life.

There is, to complement this, private prayer. And listened as Monty , in beret and battle dress, read the lesson, appropriately from the Book of Kings, as if he was addressing the troops. Monty, who was not renowned for his modesty, and of whom his ADC used to say when briefing those due to meet him: ' He will ask you if you have met before.

You can say ''yes'' or you can say " no". What I warn you not to say is " I don't remember". It's impossible for anyone now to imagine just what impact that Thanksgiving Service made on even the most chapel-resistant of us.

We had come from those war years on the Cornish cliffs where the unpretentious hotel garage served as a chapel, hall and theatre, back to a battered Canterbury, the school buildings scarred by war, the Dining Hall flattened, the Green Court covered with trenches and marred by an underground aid-raid shelter. And we came into this Cathedral, all its stained glass removed, but still a charismatic building in the shadow of which the school, whose ethos we now had to rediscover, had stood for centuries.

I am one who owes a great deal to that brilliant, maddening and unpredictable Headmaster, 'Fred' Shirley; but also to one particular member of staff, an. For here, inside our heads, everything happens at once and the past flows into the present. When in fifty years ' time you who are now at King's look back on your life, you will find that you are still all the ages you have ever been, and that all the people and places like this which you have loved and which have mattered to you, still live under your skin.

And so this morning there is a sixty-six-year-old me standing in this pulpit, and there is a s ixteen-year-old me standing here too, remembering exactly where I sat up there in the quire in , and listened amazed as Dean Hewlett Johnson , with the looks of an Old Testament prophet and strangely guttural voice,. He taught me English. He was one of those rare teachers who are content to stand beside you and simply point things out. Jesus of Nazareth was that kind of teacher. He opened people's eyes by the way he spoke about God and about life, and he attracted followers and changed their lives, simply by showing them marvellous truths about themselves they had never seen before.

For discovering truth is about learning to see. And I've found that people can be roughly divided into those who simply glance at things, and those who look more deeply, look with what William Blake called 'the inward eye'. Call them, for convenience, the one-eyed and the two-eyed. In the Kingdom of the one-eyed, logic and reason are king.

One-eyed will only believe in what he can see and hear and touch. He might thump this pulpit and say: 'Solid matter - hit it and it hurts'. He will explain himself in terms of his neuro-chemistry. He might walk past the grave of Isaac Newton in my Abbey and salute a great physicist, believing that science will one day solve all mysteries and explain everything. Two-eyed sees more deeply.

She looks at the world with a kind of wonder, valuing reason but valuing equally intuition and imagination. She recognizes that she is a human being unlike anyone who has ever existed before, unique, mysterious and irreplaceable.

She is amazed that words placed just so in an ode of Keats or a sonnet of Shakespeare, or a human face shown in a certain light by Rembrandt, or notes placed in a certain sequence by Haydn or Mozart, should through some mysterious chemistry create a timeless and haunting beauty; and she wonders too how it is that in certain experiences - for example, listening to music or falling in love - we seem to transcend ourselves and go beyond what words can easily explain. And as two-eyed explores the mysterious world of quantum physics, she knows that this seemingly solid pulpit isn't solid at all but an endless dance of atoms in their electric field.

When she passes Newton's grave she remembers that he once wrote: ' In the absence of any other proof, the human thumb alone will convince me of God' s existence'. One-eyed thinks that being religious means going to church, saying prayers and singing hymns. When it comes to God, oneeyed wants proof, certainty ; a God who can be defined and pinned down and understood. But, says two-eyed, you have missed the point. God is the word we use to explain?

But that's a matter of faith, not proof; trust, not certainty. Trusting that this man alone of all our race faced the transcendent mystery and said that his name was Father and his nature Love. I must advise for his apparel as for his books, that upon his jorney he be not overcharged with over much luggage ; even a light burthen is farre heavie ; beside, somewhat is likewise to be paid for these at the entry of everie Citie gate. Let him also take heede that the apparell he wears be in fashion in the place where he resideth, for it is no less ridiculous to wear clothes of our fashion among them, than at our return to use still their fashion among us — a notorious aftectation of many Travellers.

London, In the dedication of his book to Prince Henry, he says, " This subject hath not worne an English habite here- tofore. A just Censure of Travell as it is com- monly undertaken by the Gentlemen of our Nation :" — " I meddle not he says with the common journeyes to the mineral! There are two occasions wherein Travell may passe — matter of trafique and matter of state.

Let an Italian or French pas- senger walk through this our Hand, what can his Table-books carry home in comparison of the learned ' Britaine ' of our Camden, or the accurate Tables of Speed? With these helps let us travel by our owne fireside. A good booke is at once the best companion and guide, and way and end of our journey. Necessity drove our forefathers out of doores, which else in those misty times had seene no light; we may with more ease and no lesse profit sit still, and inherit and enjoy the labours of them and our elder brethren.

Paul's Church- yard. It has a curious Engraving representing a ship about to sail, a boat with waterman and passenger near the shore, and another group on shore taking leave of a traveller, girt with a sword, and with hat in hand ; his servant stands near, and two females are weeping, with handkerchiefs to their eyes : beneath are the lines : — " Coyne and Good Counsell are the Trav'lers Eys, Hee does but stray abroad wants those supplies. The most m. Many of these works and improvements were effected by Inigo Jones.

Introduction, xxvii Francis Osborne, Esq. He says: — " I am not much unwilling to give way to peregrine motion for a time, provided it be in company of an embassadour or person of quality. Shun all disputes, but especially concerning religion.

Eschew the company of all English you find in Orders. The English are observed abroad more quarrelsom with their own nation than strangers, and therefore marked out as the most dangerous com- panions. Inns are dangerous, and so are all fresh acquaintance.

Next to experience, languages are the richest lading of a traveller, among which French is most useful, Italian and Spanish not being so fruitful in learning, except for the mathematicks and romances. Beckmann has enumerated as many as nineteen different works on the subject of the art of travelling, which were published in Germany in the last half of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth centuries.

These works are all in Latin, and their great use, not merely by German but by other travellers, is proved by their repeated editions. One of these tra- vellers was Hieronymus Turler, a Doctor of Laws, and a native of Saxony, who appears among our travellers to England, and who published in a small work con- taining some judicious remarks worthy the attention of his young countrymen. It was translated under the title of " The Traveller of Jerome Turler,. A woorke very pleasaunt for all persons to reade, and right profitable and necessarie unto all such as are minded to Traueyll.

For since experience is the greatest parte of humane wlsedome, and the same is increased by traveil, I suppose there is no man will deny but that a man may become the wiser by travelling. It is a great parte of wisdome to know the nature and maners of men, and how to live with everybody" p.

Turler then touches upon a tender question : — " But perhaps some man wil demaund whether such as be marled bee meete to traveill? For over that, that weemen are forbidden, as it were of honestie and womanhoode not to take long or often journies in hand, it is the leave of matrimonie that those whiche bee coupled therin shall dwell evermore together, and the one to bee a comforte unto the other. Moreover, ther may be mutuall frindship and affection shewed even in travelling, and one minde and one soule remaine in two bodies, although the two bodies be distant far asunder.

In the sixteenth century, he informs us, it was usual in Germany for young men of rich and distin- guished families to be sent on travel, in order to acquire ' " Coelum non animum mutant, qui trans mare currunt.

Introduction, xxix more useful knowledge than they could at that time obtain in their own country. In consequence many books were written by such as had themselves travelled, frequently as companions or tutors, which might serve as guides to others who also contemplated travelling.

Others gave general instructions on the art of travelling ; and books of this last description are much more plenti- ful in the sixteenth and following century than in our own. The travels of princes were in that age much more necessary than in the present. At that time, in most countries, at least in most German States, there were no institutions for the instruction of youth, parti- cularly of the higher classes. In most universities, only theologians, scholastics, jurists, and some physicians were to be met with.

If a person desired to have efficient teachers in the other sciences, he was obliged to engage them from a distance, at great expense, and frequently, indeed, none were to be procured for money. Whoever, therefore, wished to acquire learning according to the enlarged necessities of the fatherland, was compelled to seek the larger and more perfect educational establish- ments in Italy and France.

Princes had not even the opportunity of acquiring at home foreign languages, dancing, fencing, and riding. Should they wish to become acquainted with the constitution of other States, they must themselves travel thither. Statistical teachers and manuals were not yet to be had. XXX Introduction. The travels of princes, moreover, were necessary in this respect, to incite others by their example, and by this means to convey knowledge to the fatherland, which it was their purpose to diffuse and make useful there.

From the latter we quote the following remarks, having reference to the roaming habits of the Germans at that period. Producing his little book, whenever in the course of his peregrinations he came into contact with friends or persons of more or less note, he would solicit them to favour him by inscrib- ing on its leaves either an autograph or a motto, or by inserting an emblazoned shield of arms, or a sketch.

They are the albums which were once happily possessed by natives of Germany, where the fashion originated, and were much used in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, but m,ore especially during the first quarter of XXX ii Introduction, the latter. Many of these interesting volumes — which are usually of an oblong shape and have costly bindings — enshrine autographs of very distinguished persons. The quondam owner of one, Christopher Arnold, Pro- fessor of History at Nuremberg, visited England in the middle of the seventeenth century, and being in London on the 19th of November, , obtained the autograph of the author of" Paradise Lost," 'Joannes Miltonius.

One very beautiful example of the former description that we have seen is a copy of " Emblemata," with exquisite engravings on copper by Theodore de Bry, and published at Frankfort-on-the- Main in These autograph albums, it appears, were used also by the travelling English.

Fynes Moryson, writing from Emden, , relates a "merry accident" which befel him at Bremen : — Introduction. German] fashion. Hee seeing my poore habite, and a booke under my arme, tooke me for some begging scholler, and spake sharpely unto me.

Horky supposes the form to have been written as follows : " Lwyk z Rozmitala a z Blatnie ;" which certainly must have been a nut for them to crack. There were also hand-books of travel-talk published at an early period, to render the tourist's path to the tongues smooth and easy. The Foreign-English employed in these Dialogues is occasionally quaint and amusing, and the following may serve as specimens. In the chapter. For to aske the Way, the travellers riding along meet a shepherdess, whereupon B.

Knave, bring hither my horse, have you dressed him Well.? The Duke of Saxe -Weimar and his com- panions conversed in Latin with the Oxford students : it would therefore seem that they had a greater com- mand of this language, and would employ it when addressing persons of education, rather than French, which at this time had not yet grown to be the uni- xxxvi Introduction, versal tongue.

Meteren, the Dutch merchant and historian, in travelled through England and Ire- land in company with his cousin Abraham Ortelius, the celebrated geographer ; but as Meteren had been resident in England some years previously, it is likely that he had acquired enough of our language to serve him in his tours. It is, however, very questionable whether Latin as pronounced by the educated Englishman would be intel- ligible to the foreigner. Neither is this, he says, "proper to Italy only, but to all other nations whatsoever in Christendome, saving to England.

This work is frequently referred to by Lord Macaulay in his celebrated chapter on the "State of England in At Oxford the Latin speeches were equally unintelligible to him, nor could he understand the English, which had to be inter- preted to him. In Zinzerling's Notes there is mention made of resident interpreters for the benefit of the tra- velling Germans : a youth is named, and his address pointed out.

In Finett's " Philoxenis," p. He passed, it will be re- membered, many years of his life in our country during the reigns of Edward III. The Englishmen, he says cap. Such a one we meet with in the account of the Pilgrimage undertaken " for the sake of piety and religion," by the Bohemian baron, Leo von RozMiTAL, brother-in-law of the then reigning King of Bohemia, in various countries of Europe, our own included, in the year , and during the reign of Edward IV.

The whole journey, indeed, abounds in quaint and whimsical incidents, highly cha- racteristic of the age. Introduction, xxxix him, in his vernacular Bohemian ; and his narrative was translated into Latin and published a century afterwards at Olmutz.

This now very scarce work was reprinted by the Literary Society of Stuttgart in , joined with another narrative of the journey, penned in German by Gabriel Tetzel, a citizen of Nuremberg, one of the baron's suite. Horky, made it the subject of an historical and critical work, published in German in two volumes at Briinn, and the late Mr.

Richard Ford, the accomplished author of the " Handbook for Spain," contributed from its pages a pleasant article to the " Quarterly Review " for March At Sandwich, where they landed half dead from sea- sickness, the Bohemian tells us of a curious custom. The Bohemian travellers' hair seems to have astonished our ancestors.

And whenever any of us thus long-haired appeared in public, he had more people to stare at him than if some strange animal had been exhibited. Every one was silent ; not a word spoken. My Lord with his companions stood in a recess and looked on.

Notwithstanding the friendly reception of the Bohe- mians, Schassek declares the character of the English nation to be " so cunning and faithless, that a foreigner would not be sure of his life amongst them ; and that a Briton was not to be trusted even on his bended knees.

Secretary Schassek! The Lord of Gruthuyse Louis de Bruges , a nobleman of Burgundy and a magnificent patron of learned men, came over to England in Sep- tember, , on a special mission from Charles Duke of Burgundy to Edward the Fourth, who gave Gruthuyse a splendid reception, and created him Earl of Winchester. A few ex- tracts may be acceptable..

After being regaled at Canterbury, Rochester, and Gravesend with wine, capons, " fezantes, pertryches," and other good things, he landed at Lyon Key, where he was received by the two Sheriffs of London. Two days afterwards he rode to the King at Windsor, where he was magnificently boarded and lodged. Three chambers were placed at his disposal. After supper the King— " Had hym to the Quenes [Elizabeth Woodville] chamber, where she had there her ladyes playing at the morteaulx [probably a game resembling bowls], and some of her ladyes and gentlewomen at the closheys [game of closh, or nine-pins] of yuery, and Daunsinge.

And some at diuers other games. The whiche sight was full plesaunte to them. From a contemporary MS. In the morning after hearing mass, " the Kinge gave the sayde Lorde Grautehuse a Cuppe of Golde, garnished with perle.

In the myddes of the cuppe ys a greate pece of an Unicornes home, to my estimacyon, vij ynches compas, and on the cover was a great saffre. And there the Kinge made hym ryde on his owen horse, on a right feyre hoby, the whiche the Kinge gaue hym. Item, there in the Parke, the Kinge gaue hym a Royall Crosbowe, the strynge of silke, the case covered with velvette of the Kinges collours, and his armes and bagges [badges] thereapon. Also the heddes of quarrelles were gilte. The Kinges dynner was ordeined in the lodge ; before dynner they kylled no game, savinge a doe ; the whiche the Kinge gaue to the Seruauntes of the foresayde Lorde Grauthuse.

And when the Kinge had dyned, they wente an huntinge again. And by the Castell were founden certein dere lyinge ; som with greyhoundes, and som renne to deathe with bucke houndes. There were slaine halfe a doussein buckes, the whiche the Kinge gaue to the sayde Lorde Grauthuse. By that tyme yt was nere night, yett the Kinge shewed hym his Garden, and Vineyard of Pleasour, and so turned into the Castell agayne, where they herde euen- songe in theire chambres.

Also in the utter chamber satte the Queen's gentlewomen all on oone syde. After supper there was dancing, " then, aboute ix of the clocke, the Kinge and the Quene, with her ladies and gentlewomen brought the sayde Lorde Grautehuse to iij Chaumbres of Pieasance, all hanged with whyte sylke and lynnen clothe, and all the floures couered with carpettes. There was ordeined a Bedde for hym selue, of as good doune as coulde be gotten, the Shetes of Raynys [Rennes], also fyne fustyans ; the Counter- Introduction.

Item, [in] the ijde Chambre was a other of astate, the whiche was alle whyte. And in the same chambre was made a Couche with fether beddes, hanged with a tente, knytt lyke a nette, and there was a cupp- borde.

Item in the iij Chambre was ordeined a Bayne [Bath] or ij, which were couered with tentes of white clothe. And when the Kinge and the Quene, with all her ladyes and gentlewemen, had shewed hym these chambres, they turned againe to theire owen cham- bres, and lefte the sayde Lorde Grauthuse there, accompanied with my Lorde Chamberlein, whiche dispoyled hym, and wente bothe together to the Bayne.

And when they had ben in theire Baynes as longe as was there pleasour, they had grene gynger, diuers cyryppes, comfyttes, and ipocras, and then they wente to bedde. His Report or Relation of England — or rather the materials for it — has been translated and edited by JMiss Sneyd for the Cam- den Society , and accompanied by a valuable intro- ductory notice by the late Mr. Holmes, of the British Museum. At the time of publication of this interesting work by Miss Sneyd, neither the author nor the precise date of the Relation was known ; these facts were ascer- tained by Mr.

The English people are described as follows : — xliv Introduction, " The English are, for the most part, both men and women of all ages, handsome and well-proportioned ; though not quite so much so, in my opinion, as it had been asserted to me. I have understood from persons acquainted with these countries that the Scotch are much handsomer, and that the English are great lovers of themselves and of everything belonging to them ; they think that there are no other men than themselves, and no other world but England ; and whenever they see a handsome foreigner, they say that ' he looks like an English- man,' and that ' it is a great pity that he should not be an Englishman ;' and when they partake of any delicacy with a foreigner, they ask him ' whether such a thing is made in their country?

And this it is said they do in order to induce their other English guests to drink wine in moderation also ; not considering it any inconvenience for three or four persons to drink out of the same cup. Few people keep wine in their own houses, but buy it for the most part at a tavern ; and when they mean to drink a great deal, they go to the tavern, and this is done not only by the men, but by ladies of distinction. Rawdon Brown, in his valuable work before referred to, has introduced a highly interesting narrative of the diplomatic mission of Piero Pasqjjaligo and In trodtiction.

The Venetians were conducted in the royal barge or bucintor to Richmond Palace, where they were intro- duced to Henry VIII, at that time twenty-four years old , after which they were invited to dine with his Majesty and hear mass. The voices of the royal choristers were in truth rather divine than human ; they did not chaunt, but sang like angels.

Pasqualigo writes : " His Majesty is the handsomest potentate I ever set eyes on. His Majesty rode a bay Frieslander ; he was dressed entirely in green velvet. He came into our arbour, and addressing me in French, said, ' Talk with me awhile! The King of France [Francis I. He arrived in London, February i ith, and had an audience with his Majesty on the following Sunday. She is so much beloved throughout the kingdom, that she is almost adored.

The Duke stayed in London eight days. A voice in the background calls you into the battle. Catchy guitar riffs, give way to speed and the menacing rage this bands shows. The band really does not let up at all throughout this album. Although using similar styles the band mixes things up and keeps it fresh each time. From wall-shaking breakdowns, to quick riffage, to thunderous double-bass pounding, this band has delivered a great original sounding, debut release to the metal masses.

Overall Rating: Thyne Scabbard is certainly a band to watch and has my full support. The Very Thought Is Sweet! Neale, 18, Hymn; Translation of Jesu dulcis memoria. Neale, 72, Sequence; Translation of Jesu dulcis memoria. The Very Thought Of Thee! Translation of Jesu dulcis memoria. Jesus Gift, The Gilbert M. Jesus, Thou Holy Son of God. Jesus, You Are Welcome Jesus! Joy to the World - Dr. Steve H. Pierpont , copyright - although it was certainly written earlier since Andy Williams recorded it in ; links open at a new site.

Let it Snow! Jackson, , p. Little Children, Can You Tell? Ure and B. A Wonder-star Doth Shine Lo! Descending The Heavens Rending Lo!

He Comes! My Heart Rejoices Lo! Star Led Chiefs Lo! The Eastern Sages Rise Lo! The Lord Is Come! The Lord is King!

Boston, D. Warren, W. Lullay, Lullay, Little Child Why weepest thou so sore? Smith ; ; links open in a new window at the websites of Amy Grant and Michael W. Gould; Music: M. Broadwood and J. Nay, Nay, Ivy! Smith ; ; links opens in a new window at the websites of Amy Grant and Michael W.

Skilton, Music by E. Copyright , reproduced with the kind permission of the author. A New Noel! Hail, Gentle King Nowell!

Good News I Tell Nowell! O Christmas Night! Evans "With faithful leaves unchanging. O Christmas Tree - Version 9 "With faithful leaves unchanging; different second verse.

Translator Unknown. O Christmas Tree - Version 11 "How true you stand unchanging. O Christmas Tree - Version 12 "You stand in verdant beauty! O Christmas Tree - Version 13 "How lovely are your branches! O Christmas Tree - Version 15 "How beauteous are thy branches. O Christmas Tree - Version 16 "How steadfast are your branches!

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  1. May 21,  · Track 3 from the album "Redemption" Track 3 from the album "Redemption" Skip navigation Sign in. Thyne Scabbard - The King of Abandon - Duration: Sky Fire and The Heydecke Brigade 77 views.
  2. Band: Thyne Scabbard Title: Redemption Review By: Josh IndieVision. Tracklisting: Enter Thyne Realm The King of Abandon Hordes of the Shadow Unwaking Hour The Decapitation of Fallen Angels A Demon Bloodbath Reaching Out With Broken Fingers Lies, Lust and Redemption To Those Who Cursed Me Bleeding Tears of.
  3. Testi delle canzoni di Thyne Scabbard. Redemption () Enter Thyne Realm testo; The King Of Abandon testo; Hordes Of The Shadow testo.
  4. Full Index of The Hymns and Carols of Christmas. Notes 1. All links open in a new window. 2. Where multiple versions of a hymn or carol exists, notes concerning the song will be found at the bottom of the first version.. 3.
  5. Full text of "England as seen by foreigners in the days of Elizabeth and James the First: comprising translations of the journals of the two Dukes of Wirtemberg in and both illustrative of Shakespeare: with extracts from the travels of foreign princes and others, copious notes, an introduction, and etchings" See other formats.
  6. Full text of "The works of William Shakespeare: the text formed from a new collation of the early editions: to which are added all the original novels and tales on which the plays are founded: copious archaeological annotations on each play: an essay on the formation of the text: and a life of the poet" See other formats.
  7. Directory of Contemporary Worship Musicians - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. A historic document of the .
  8. Full text of "The Scotish Gaël; or, Celtic manners, as preserved among the Highlanders, being an historical and descriptive account of the inhabitants, antiquities, and national peculiarities of Scotland; more particularly of the northern, or Gaëlic parts of the country, where the singular habits of the aboriginal Celts are most tenaciously retained".

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