The Diamond - Duncan Cameron (4) - The Whistling Thief (CD, Album)

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It gets better from there, but not, like, a lot. Good production, though. I was really upset about that because there is no mention of such a thing in the summary of the book. Guess what? Also, is Thaddeus French? And how inept can Scotland Yard be??? Like really??? And the few parts that I am remembering, they were cringey and made me roll my eyes. AT ALL. The only reason these two were in love was because they were in the same book.

The characters were flat, the plot was unbelievable, and there were many unanswered questions. The use of magic, and curses, and nothing that is logical to explain certain things was annoying, and I was not here for it. However, here are two much nicer reviews that could help you decide whether to read this or not.

Review 1 , and Review 2 One sentence summary: A very disappointing story with flat and annoying characters. Overall, 1 really disappointed and angry star. View all 12 comments. Its slightly simple plot, almost reading like a middle grade novel, was unique in its own right. I was a bit critical of the book at first; however, I did begin to lighten up as I became increasingly immersed in the story.

The lovable characters, the lovely writing, the British setting - all these contributed to the pure joy that is The Diamond Thief. I was completely enamored by the adventure and the historical intrigue. While I do wish the beginning had done the book justice, the rest of the book makes up for the initial suspension of interest. Gosling's writing did such an admirable job of painting Victorian London and staying true to historical accuracy, while at the same time juggling the steampunk plot line.

This is most likely the only time I will ever be able to oversee the insta-love that occurs between the two main protagonists - Remy succeeds in redeeming herself by consistently proving she is a fierce, tough girl.

But, I did not like how easily some conflicts were solved for her, making the novel seem more juvenile than it actually is. A highly satisfying blend of historical and fantastical themes, The Diamond Thief truly is an entertaining read with minor flaws that can easily be overlooked.

View 2 comments. Mar 10, Kagama-the Literaturevixen rated it did not like it. I got this ARC from Netgalley and this is my honest review of it. Remy Brunel is a trapeze artist but she also has a secret profession wich is not considered exactly respectable namely that of jewel thief,wich she steals on order from her master Gustave.

Thaddeus Rec is our other viewpoint character a young detective at Scotland Yard and his next assignment is also her next target- the Darya Noor a splendid diamondwich is currenlty exhibitied at the Tower. During her reconnaise of the exhibit ther I got this ARC from Netgalley and this is my honest review of it. During her reconnaise of the exhibit there is a chaotic event when diamond briefly vanishes but Thaddeus retrieves but lose it again when but Remy manages to swipe it from him and bring it back to the leader of the Circus Gustave only to be told that its a fake and to realize she was duped.

Thaddeus ends up accused to have been in on the heist by his superiors and taken away to a cell. He is lucklu rescued by his friend the Professor and manages to meet up with Remy again. The professor convinces them that they need to work together to recover the real Darya Noor from the man he believe have it.

They grudgingly accept. Reading this gave me the same feeling as when I was reading Y. S Lee "The Agency" it might be set in the Victorian era but its mainly superficial with the barest requisites. Its essentially a wallpaper historical. He seemed only to just have noticed her change of clothes "What not smart enough for you" He looked away "Just surprised youd chose to wear that thing.

I thought most women hated them" She grinned glancing down at her corset. I never felt like I got to know her personality or what her motivations were. Also I think I lost it a little bit when its declared that Remy is considered the best jewel thief in all of Europe. She is 15 years old. Are you trying to sell me the idea that a 15 year old managed to build up a reputation like that,so when did she start? Age 10? And then when Remy first encounters Thaddeus she thinks of him as a boy its stated hes 2 years older than her but later he is described as a young man.

But from what we comes to know of his character those two years doesnt add much to make him more mature than Remy. I felt like these two had been shoehorned into roles that would have been more believable if they were in their 20s. Things just come so conveniently to them.

For some reason a street urchin knows about secret tunnels under a lords house. The professor has a big trunk of womens clothing when Remy needs something to wear. That sort of thing. Then the author introduces a curse into the story a curse that will keep from Remy holding on to love. So not only is the burgeoning romance very forced the author tries to add drama to it to make it an impossible love.

But honestly I never felt this connection between Remy and Thaddeus it just came on too fast from not trusting each other to her embracing him. The steampunk element in the setting is not prevalent throughout the storys setting much if you dont count the Professors inventions and featuring in the plans of the villain.

And he has a villainous laugh and a predictable plan. Mar 25, K. Trigger warnings: Violence, assault. The blurb sounded great, and it WAS a fast paced read. But unfortunately, I found this trite and Not in a written-for-teenagers way. More in a written-for-middle-graders-but-trying-to-pass-itself-off-as-written-for-teenagers way. It was too much plot and not enough character depth. Too much action and not enough explanation for anything. Too much reliance on weird spellings to indicate that someone had an accent.

Add a dose of insta-love Trigger warnings: Violence, assault. Add a dose of insta-love and I was rolling my eyes almost constantly. Feb 03, Vincent Ripley rated it really liked it. Today for review is one of the first books to be published by Curious Fox. This is a new imprint offering young readers, of all ages, creative and jaw-droppingly enjoyable books.

These books promise to take readers on a journey of new adventures and experiences. Therefore, with this statement in mind, can these books deliver that promise or not?

With curiosity stated as a focus of the publishing company, The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling is my first opportunity to test the waters. Overall, the Today for review is one of the first books to be published by Curious Fox.

Overall, the production of the book sparkles to match the title. It shines out to the potential reader through the very attractive book cover. However, is the content equivalent to a shiny gem or a bit of rusty old copper in need of a polish? The start of the book is particularly good - it wastes no time in setting up the murky waters of the Thames and the smoky hard times of Victorian London.

Sharon has the great ability to paint a picture for you to visualise. Remy is the main protagonist in the book; she is fantastically written and very likeable. Plucky in spirit, she is portrayed very well by making the reader want the best for her. As a result, we are treated to some interesting twists and turns, and some fantastic reading moments. At points in the book you are hit with little steampunk elements. Whilst the great action scenes will have you lapping up the pages.

The introduction of the mysterious Professor and his amazing lab certainly starts to get the ball rolling. In fact one of my favourite scenes involves the Professor and his gas pistol. From this point on the book goes into overdrive - making for a more gripping and imaginative read.

Abernathy's plotted scheme comes to light. The underground chambers and an array of crazy metal monsters are well thought out. Although they could have perhaps had a little bit more focus at times. Nevertheless, the story still weaves its magic on the reader and will leave you wanting more. Sadly, I have encountered just a couple of issues with the story. Firstly, I felt that in some places the author took a slightly safe route. For example one of the characters is trapped and suddenly develops a magical and mysterious ability out of nowhere.

Interestingly, the character is able to help them escape in the nick of time. I think the author managed to focus on this too much at the end of the book, and it just became too overpowering for me. I felt that it stole, what could have been, a really brilliant ending. I really enjoyed reading this book and actually didn't want to stop reading it in order to go to work. It has shiny amounts of storyline and a sparkle of creative ideas which are full of promise. The ending perhaps needs a little bit of polish.

However, this author is certainly one to watch in the future. Jul 10, Y. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. If you liked The Friday Society, then you'll like this book. Or if you like books with clever thieves, honourable men and adventurous girls, then give this book a try. Remy is a trapeze artist by day and a jewel thief by night. She is sent by her boss to steal a prized gem from the Tower of London, but is thwarted by another aiming to snatch the gem for himself.

At this point there were several Diamonds groups popping up across the USA. It was then that Bob Duncan formed his version of the Diamonds, Glen Stetson continued The Diamonds that evolved from the original group in the s, and Gary Owens formed one as well.

That left two Diamonds groups. Stetson's group that historically had been going since the inception of the group and Duncan's group that evolved from John Felten's group from the s. Stetson had joined the Diamonds around as the lead singer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Canadian quartet. For the Welsh singer-songwriter, see Marina and the Diamonds.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The Whistling Thief by Duncan Cameron solo album. Released in Duncan's first solo CD features his own compositions as well as selections of Irish and Scottish traditional music. His vocals and instrumental pieces are presented with a wide variety of influences from Celtic, folk, funk, latin, and pop music.

This download includes full liner notes and album artwork. Download music and album artwork Mail Order CDs. With dynamic accompaniment and attention to detail, the trio Fig For A Kiss makes instrumental music and songs inspired by tradition sound fresh. Mail Order CDs. Duncan does not play on this album, but his composition Fiona's Boogie is included.

Many of Duncan’s compositions are featured on this recording. This CD was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in Featuring Duncan on: Fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, bodhrán, whistles, and vocals. This download includes full liner notes and album artwork.

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  1. Duncan's first solo CD, released in , features his own compositions as well as selections of Irish and Scottish traditional music. His vocals and instrumental pieces are presented with a wide variety of influences from Celtic, folk, funk, latin, and pop music. This download includes full liner notes and album .
  2. The Whistling Thief, an album by Duncan Cameron on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics esilloztiotory.snarenterabricowonhostcharnaconle.coed on:
  3. item 4 DUNCAN CAMERON - WHISTLING THIEF NEW CD - DUNCAN CAMERON - WHISTLING THIEF NEW CD. AU $ +AU $ postage. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Ennio Morricone ~ Very Best Of ~ NEW CD Album ~ Greatest Hits Collection. AU $ Trending at AU $ BUSH,KATE-REMASTERED PART 1 CD NEW. AU $ Trending.
  4. The Whistling Thief is Duncan's solo album. His music can also be found on many other recordings. Of particular interest, Duncan was a founding member of Fig For A Kiss, and his playing and compositions are featured extensively on their album, Fallen Leaf.. To order physical copies of these CDs, please visit the CD Store.. You might also want to check out other recordings to which he contributed.
  5. Duncan Cameron (4) Miss Shanahan's / The Three Dogs / Geese In The Churchyard 3など Duncan Cameron (4) - The Whistling Thief ‎ (CD, Album) Not On Label: DRC Canada: この .
  6. The Whistling Thief is Duncan's first solo CD, released in It features his own compositions as well as selections of Irish and Scottish traditional music. His vocals and instrumental pieces are presented with a wide variety of influences from Celtic, folk, funk, latin, and pop music. Read reviews here.
  7. The Diamond By Duncan Cameron. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. The Diamond. Featured on The Whistling Thief. More by Duncan Cameron. More Duncan Cameron. Listen to Duncan Cameron now. Listen to Duncan Cameron in full in the Spotify app.
  8. Date Event Location; Friday, September 11 @ PM Fri, Sep 11 @ PM: KILLARNEY SUMMER SEASON CANCELLLED - Duncan Cameron Live at the Carousel Lounge Killarney Mountain Lodge, Killarney, ON: Killarney Mountain Lodge, Killarney, ON.
  9. Sep 29,  · Shania Twain, Up!(, 11x Platinum) Sort of a cheap diamond, since Shania notched double-album sales for a multi-disc set that was really the same album .

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