Revolutionary Intending Peace - R.I.P.. - Save the Earth or Die With It LIVE! (VHS, Album)

Crazy Love Where Does the Time Go? Am I in That Dream? Perfect Love If I Should Fall Behind Cover Me With You in Mind Tell Somebody Who Cares. He had already been under doctors orders to no long drink hard liquor, though he still has an occasional glass of wine. Steve Hackett has an autobiography coming in July, with the rather bizarre title A Genesis In My Bed…pre orders from his website will be signed…a steal at 20 quid.

Rick Wakeman has a new full length Prog rock album coming in the next few months…I think it might be called The Red Planet…been a while since his last Prog album. The original inch single is so expensive but maybe you know of a CD compilation with the inch version of the song? Rhino now concedes that it was caused by a manufacturing problem, and is planning a corrected disc. The Capaldi set has the CD debut of six non-L. I like jim Capaldi in traffic but not his solo recordings.

And for the BBC sessions, the problem is finding sources that would sound better than the bootlegs. Audible US has all books by Neil Peart for free at the moment.

You can sign up for a 30 day trial and get those for free. Especially Ghost Rider is excellent. I just found the ad on instagram, headed over and DL 5 books for 0. Neil was apparently diagnosed with brain cancer and passed on January 7th, Thanks for the info Dave.

Lincoln and Plymouth stores are relocating in February. Ten stores will close this month unless new deals can be struck with Landlords. The later music is past-prime McCartney. Oh Phil, you little rascal. I tried to resist replying, but…. I hope there really will be a flaming big box this year. As for the other two you mention, meh IMO. King Crimson recently released some copyright extension releases through their dgmlive website.

Happy holidays to everyone! Get em while you can. Amazon UK and US have a few copies. This is in conjunction with the Criterion release of the film I guess. The record companies get some stick at times so thought I would post a happy story. I played a few but only recently got around to playing one of the Blu-rays. To my dismay it was terrible and just kept blanking out every minute or so.

This was no longer working as I assumed the replacement process was over but it suggested emailing warner customer services. I did this and within a day or two I had a reply asking for pictures of both sides of the disc and my address.

Being me. Fantastic customer service and most unexpected! Thanks for the reminder. I keep meaning to check them, do this and hopefully get them sorted out and am now going to. Why is Kim Wilde continually ignored here?! Seems like every other artist so-called or otherwise gets news on here and pops up. That matters now how? STILL waiting on 80s German queen Sandra and top German band Alphaville to have all their albums out remastered and with bonus tracks, but no one is typically caring, as to be German in the 80s is clearly a crime!

Only you record labels are the ones committing them! As ever! Some things never change. And boo to streaming and Yay! Try keeping current about Kim Wilde will you, like the way you do with all else! On the subject of China Crisis ,Diary of a Hollow Horse has recieved an excellent 2-cd re-issue a couple of years ago.

I think its still available. It would be good to see What price Paradise and Warped by Sucess recieve the same. The DGM and distributor sites are always so vague and evasive when the due date has come and gone. A couple more weeks and it will no longer be the 50th anniversary. All I want to do is buy it. It is still on the go, as far as I know. Thought there was a comment or post a while back that it would be released on CD. Would also like his b-sides comp on CD that was released digitally.

Limited signed edition available from label …. Hi Paul A quick belated note to thank you for the safe delivery of my signed Village Green Preservation Society box set. The 3 concerts from California have long been available unofficially with perfect sound. The only question mark is what the sound quality will be for the Royal Albert Hall material, which will likely be the audio from the BBC video recording. Reportedly, Halverson held the multitracks, but his asking price was too high.

There was no reason for Universal to overpay for them, because the original existing mixes that Universal holds sound fine. Avid Cream fans will already have all of this material, so the main question is whether the sound quality of the Royal Albert Hall material will be reasonable. The Associates Perhaps is Reissued as a 2CD Expanded Edition on Cherry Red 31st January Disc One features the 10 original album tracks plus four instrumentals that were included on the original cassette release of the album.

These bonus tracks are appearing on CD for the first time. Disc Two features all the related bonus tracks for which master tapes still exist.

Housed in a digipak containing a 20 page page booklet, a UK discography and extensive sleeve-notes written by Andy Davis. The CD version is also being put out again. The seven LP vinyl is available now from his online store and the UMe website. Led Zeppelin had laid corporate groundwork for a streaming service of concert recordings albeit with no intent to offer any of the recordings for download. And there were many popular in their era albums which deserved 50th anniversary deluxe editions….

To celebrate 30 years of …But Seriously, a special edition turquoise vinyl will be released as a double-LP set this November. If you buy the 2LP at the Rhino store, it will be bundled with an exclusive lithograph print. The set is scheduled to be released on 22nd November. The standard double-LP is also still available. Ltd to units. Looks pretty great actually. Disc 1 1. Horizon 2. Rachmaninoff 1st Symphony in D Minor Opus 13 3. Catherine Parr 4. Catherine Howard 5. Anne Boleyn 6. Something Completely Different.

Opening 2. Catherine Parr 3. Guinevere 4. Merlin The Magician 6. Anne Boleyn. Disc 2 7. Turning 8. The Journey 2. Sir Lancelot and The Black Knight 3. Anne Boleyn 4. Arthur 6. The Forest 7. Catherine Parr. Disc 2 1. The Spaceman 2. Catherine Howard 3. The Battle 5. The Realisation 6. The Prisoner 7. Merlin The Magician 8. Standard 9. Merlin The Magician reprise. War Games 2. Sea Horses 4. Julia 5. The Proles 7. Danielle 2. The Probe 3. Chamber Of Horrors 4. The Hymn 5. Anne Boleyn inc. Robot man 7.

Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight 3. Merlin the Magician 8. Merlin the Magician reprise. Never Is A Long Time 3. Catherine Suite 4. No Earthly Connection 5. Merlin the Magician. The Visit 4. Catherine Parr 5. Starship Trooper 6. Eleanor Rigby.

Morning Has Broken 4. The Meeting 6. The Jig 2. Life On Mars? King Arthur Suite 5. Gone But Not Forgotten. However …. Just checked the website, and it is still under development, so you may have to go into one of their stores. Apparently the single disc CD has already shipped. Out Nov 8th. Last Christmas — Wham! Too Funky 3. Fantasy 4. Praying for Time 5. Faith 6. Heal the Pain 8. One More Try 9. Fastlove, Pt. Everything She Wants — Wham!

Move On Praying for Time Timing still TBD. The labels are doing themselves no favours. The mastering on the main album is very good IMHO. One of the live albums is better SQ than the other, but both are far from perfect. Any news on further reissues, like Something Magic? RSD black friday will have the doors live at the isle of wight as a 2 lp set. The album has only had a couple of very basic CD re-issues in 30 years.

I had pre-ordered the signed Debbie Harry book with Waterstones but when I chased it up last week my local pick up store in Glasgow could find no trace of my order.

I spoke to Customer Services who initially told me the book had sold out and that there had been an IT problem with my order going through the system.

They then told me that they had found a supply of the signed book in their warehouse and delivered mine to Glasgow so it may be worth a phone call by any of my fellow posters to see if they would release a copy. Phone number is Just read it — grumpy sod as could be seen in the film Beware of Mr. He was one of the greatest drummers there was.

Huge Gentle Gian box set from Snapper you seem to have missed so far. Its fab but expensive and sadly does not include the recent blu ray 5. No compression in sight. Highly recommended and looks like they are selling quickly. Even on Hoffman, the reviews are mainly positive. Claims are this will be the largest physical media and entertainment store in Europe. These releases are typically MP3 or Will the Super Furry Animals Guerrilla 20th reissue be getting a mention on your excellent pages?

Artwork revealed, but no tracklisting. The Killing Of Georgie, Pts. Tracks left over from the last album finished by son Adam. Just in case anyone is interested, the Kate Bush vinyl boxes are currently at Like Phil Collins Other Sides Album it is a digital release only which is a shame and another wasted opportunity. It is all a frustrating digital mess. The album was produced by Jack Douglas who also produced Double Fantasy. Next Marillion reissue is Afraid of Sunlight.

Good news is that all 8 EMI albums are coming. From their email :. Both collections open with a new version of Afraid of Sunlight that was remixed earlier this year by the wonderful Michael Hunter.

Both sets also have a live recording of Marillion performing at the Rotterdam Ahoy Arena on September 29, during the tour supporting Afraid of Sunlight.

Six of the songs were originally released in on the double live album Made Again. It is available to pre-order now and we will be hand signing a special A4 sized print for anyone who orders from us limited to the first orders. Release date is November 1st It would have made more sense to omit the original album CD which you would presume everybody has and put those unreleased tracks on that instead.

Pretty comprehensive track listing. For anyone not cottoned on to his excellent solo work this is a great place to start. The Audiobook is free if you start a Prime trial…which is nice. Four post-Lou-Barlow-Dinosaur Jr. It would be good to know exactly what is extra before pre-ordering.

Unboxing and details here. Charming and at pounds ruddy expensive, but somehow all that effort and thought seems reasonable! Just got an email from Massive Attack saying that the long-delayed Mezzanine 3LP box set is now not going to be released.

Mad Professor dubs will be released as a single LP pink vinyl. Refunds being issued to those who ordered the 3LP set…they have had my money for almost a year, though.

Yes, that is indeed the case. Signed prints, CDs and vinyl available from their website…. Long, long time since I have seen it as low as that. Problem, though, is that it says 1 to 3 months delivery. Would be a nice addition to the Deagostini Beatles Vinyl Collection if it comes through.

Luckily, the multitrack tapes still exist, and Sony Music engineer Mark Wilder mixed the remaining two songs for Quadraphonic in Bruce Springsteen Bridge School 86 acoustic concert now available from his website, various formats includes CD.

This is for avid fans only. New Robbie Robertson album entitled Sinematic to be released on the 20th of Sep. Cd and Vinyl as well as a Deluxe vinyl edition in Oct. Van Morrison features on one track. Should be good. Perfect — ordered. No bonus material. The set has been registered with German film classification authorities. In other news, there will be no concert download release this month from Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce usually releases a concert every month. I doubt it. No news from Expereience Hendrix lately. All recordings have been digitally remastered for optimum sound quality and have never sounded better. The set comes with a comprehensive 24 page colour booklet, including.

Double black vinyl available also. Are they trying to boost AR50 sales or do you think they may follow Let it be 50 next year? Paul happily sneaked out both reissues last year after The White Album and immediately sold out of the Wings box set.

Because the time to release these sets is NOW! Airplane 50th releases. All Dinosaur Jr. Big NEWS…. Order early from The Doors website and get a free lithograph. All of your July 17, boxed set deals were almost immediately gone. Within less than 24 hours. It includes 26 bonus tracks of previously unreleased or rare songs or new mixes. There is also a vinyl reissue of The Gregg Allman Tour live album.

Both out August Why would anyone want such a thing? Some might see it as an anachronism but I have a fair bit of fondness for them. All rather misty and beautiful in this cold modern world of ones and zeros. I got free shipping to FL. Plenty of bonus tracks, but likely none unreleased. Complete it certainly is. Lots of bonus tracks, including BBC sessions.

New radio 2 documentary to be broadcast on Saturday July 13th. Not sure why its Vol 1 as they only made those 2 albums!

Limited to Units world-wide, and signed by Tony Klinger. This was a complete and nice suprise for me only found out about it through one of my fave mags Classic Pop. This will be the debut release of these recordings.

The packaging contains a front cover photo of Duane Allman from Jim Marshall Photography taken at these shows that has rarely been seen before. The singer is at No. So, no Madge then…. CD, Deluxe CD, vinyl and box set. The German crowds aren't like British ones. They stand and wait, and after I play the Pistols, think the group's coming on.

Turns out The Prod are in a similar frame of mind and, coupled with the fact they've gone straight in at Number One with "Breathe", embark on severe post-gig frolics. The morning of the Edinburgh gig and the Aloof are at the airport. Trouble is, all their ringing and door-banging has done nothing to make me regain consciousness and I snooze oblivious back at the hotel. Hasty efforts by tour manager, John, and the travel agents in London mean I land another ticket.

Well, how could I skip the last night? My whole weekend's wages! After eight hours of cabs and planes, I make the gig in Edinburgh by the now obligatory 10 minutes. Of course the band are in bits. They've just had two days in Glasgow and had the best gig of the tour. They also had a day off in which they lost it at the Sub Club with the Slam boys. Needless to say, I can remember fuck all, except that they played great and I played "My Way" by Sid Vicious at the end. Then comes the tour bus.

An overnight journey back to London which, because of a faulty gearbox, lasts 1 6 hours. Luckily, it's a luxury sleeper job with bunks and videos. The boys are in a bad enough state when they get on. Two hours later it's carnage. Bodies, bottles and wreckage everywhere.

Two bottles of tequila and vodka follow the JD and innumerable beer chasers. Champagne-tequila slammers finish off a few and prompt me to disembark at the motorway and return with videos of "Sesame Street" and Elvis' "Fun In Acapulco", a pottery duck showing his genitals and a flapping chicken. I'm also wearing one of those Scottish bobble-hats with hair attached. And it's only nine in the morning. Ten hours later we arrive in London.

Go down the pub instead. His tongue looked like a Sumo wrestler's nutsack. Turns out the week's activities resulted in him catching pneumonia. Get well soon, mate. Jagz stands in. The gig goes well but Subterania is the wrong place. Too small to accommodate everyone and I have to stand at the side of the stage. Billy Nasty sayshedidn't notice mydiscomfort, which cheers me up.

I don't even get to say goodbye to the band but the feeling of anti-climax is saved when Keith Flint and Throb and Duff from Primal Scream drop in to say hello.

Totally Aloofed. Then you could go out with your own hour long show and be spinning the wax at a local club. Send us a tape of your dance mix. Must be ready for press interviews and photographs. Send a cassette to one of the above stations nearest you. Entrants should not currently have a resident DJ spot. Cassettes can only he returned if you enclose an SAE. There are no cash alternatives to prizes. Winners will be announced on air and by phone. WITH fuck-me! Asickeningly paltry 20 years, apparently.

Then I skateboard home and spend five hours in my studio. I spend the whole day in front of a computer screen! After the sports hall gig, Luke presented Dobre with a cassette of his early efforts. He liked the new stuff much more and that was the beginning of our relationship. Some weeks later, his manager called me and I signed for Somefour. Luke has them all. Just watch him fly. Combining carefree energy with a sexy stage show in a scene which traditionally frowns upon PAs, they have already won the admiration of major league DJs like Dougal, Sy, Seduction and Vibes.

We were worried about it because the audience like their gabba and Rotterdam Terror Corpse were on before us. But they kept an open mind and had a great time. The Prodigy played their first ever gig there. They produce an atmosphere similar to street theatre or some sort of mad carnival.

The Roots. Digable Planets. And Wink himself, naturally. It will be complemented by remixes for the likes of Tori Amos, Lida Husik and Robin S which traverse the entire club spectrum. With all of this, plus DJing talents to put most of the new school of eclectic to shame, it looks as if Wink might have to take a backburner in the Philly hot-seat for a moment or two.

All hail the new King. After setting up his own Stonethrow label in order to consolidate his creative output including releases featuring the rhymes of old friend Charizma, who was shot dead in , PBW has also recently signed with All Good Vinyl and has an album planned for later this year. Butter beware the big bad wolf. Richard Warren, the man behind the wheel at Fuel, meanwhile insists sub-bass was invented for motor vehicles.

To emphasise this point, he drives a shuddering Dodge Challenger at i8omph while pumping out more low-end vibrations than you will hear in a month of Metalheadz.

Dedicated to the advancement of purist house and techno, they have already put out a series of wonderfully musical EPs which capture the original spirit of Detroit and Chicago while adding their own distinctive twists along the way.

There will also be some fresh American signings and lots more top-notch, deeply emotive house, garage and techno. Ugly by name, bad by nature. From around , as a member of the Backroom Production trio, he was partly responsible for the success of dance divas Jomanda, who also gave rise to the recently huge Ruffneck. Cassio has consistently developed his stage performance with the assistance of a group of dancers, singers, models, athletes and dramatists known as The Funky People. Now with Funky People Recordings Inc, he has established a platform to make a further impression.

Asold-out Wembley Stadium. To me, it would epitomise the fact that our music has really become accepted and is loved by everybody. You could call it Dancestock. You can move this venue anywhere you like. Where would you put it? Like Italy. I love going to Italy. Or maybe in Berlin, since they have the Love Parade there. How would you get there? By chartered jet. All the great club DJs. Who would be on the guest list?

Take That and East What would you have on the rider? And they have to pick them out for you. Who would you have as a support act?

You know, all the soulful kind of club people. Which songs would you start and end the show with? What would you do after the gig?

Go back to my hotel and reflect on the evening. There were a couple of hundred thousand people there. Our music has finally, finally arrived.

I live, eat and sleep it. I talk about it all day and all night. A graffiti artist with an obsessive love of all manner of hip hop, funk and jazz sounds, Trevor says that he has a particular fondness for Masters At Work, Mr Fingers and Prescription dubs.

I didn't really know that kind of music existed. From that moment on, I started getting right into house music. But Subject 13 are also entering a stratosphere of their own creation. Expect an album laterthis year, possibly on a major label as yet unidentified. His nightmarish world is full of suicidal pacts and diseased minds. Part of his inspiration comes from Wagner, the 19th Century composer.

With more than a touch of two-fingered irreverence to pompy musos. Acompilation album is due soon, along with a double-pack of remixes from Crispin Glover, Steve Dub, Headrillaz and the band themselves.

Just turn the key and away we go. So let this be an advance warning. So all praise to Coxy for snapping the duo up for his Worldwide Ultimatum label. The men behind Earl Grey have long pasts, but short tongues when it comes to detailing them. Alongside the likes of Paper, Nuphonic, Strictly 4 Groovers and U-Star, here is an imprint determined to snub the disposable confetti of mechanical formulas in favour of a return to soulful roots. You will be. Resolutely underground, he takes the minimal ethos to an extreme by releasing the bulk of his material via anonymous white labels which are identified by catalogue numbers alone.

Having recently disbanded Blue Spirit, Steve is now intending to concentrate his energy on Mosaic, as well as launching a new label called Blue Train. A soulful slice of house with an unforgettable keyboard hook, it was a debut which established this year-old north Londoner as an artist to watch. Sitting in a corner, Austin Bascom, the man behind the deep-as-you-like Abacus releases on Prescription and Fragile, is enjoying one of the finer elements of Scottish life.

Abacus is in Glasgow as part of a short live tour. Last night, he performed at The Darkroom. Tonight, Club 69 are expecting him. It was so simple, so mesmerising, so utterly beautiful, it held most listeners spellbound as it sucked them into the grooves.

The printed message which accompanied the EP was equally refreshing. I also used lots of water sounds. He was 15 at the time. Then he hit a dry patch. All of which bodes well for his forthcoming album. But this time, freestyle, leftfield eclecticism and a harking back to Can and Kraftwerkare making for a broader scope of fresh innovation. With an as yet untitled new release confirmed for around about now, the Grow!

Held monthly at a variety of often secret locations, the club attracts a fiercely loyal crowd purely by word of mouth. The sound system is booming, the decor wild and the atmosphere unpretentious. Way ahead of its time in a whole host of ways, it remains a beacon of hope in a landscape over-run by corporate nonsense. Long may it reign. The Sperm boys are also making a name for themselves abroad, particularly in Germany. Without a DAT in sight, Andy tickles the keys and Rich twiddles the knobs with the self-assuredness of cosmic commanders on an intergalactic mission.

In , Yum Yum will be tastier than ever. And Tiny Stars have the beats. It bursts with energy. Jungle is their musical vertebrae, but Tiny Stars sound unlike any other. But their first task this year is their debut album.

Shine on, boys. Difficult to pigeon-hole, but even more difficult to ignore, Natural Born Groovers are always ready to experiment. That said, they never depart from the concept of dancefloor entertainment and steadfastly refuse to curb stellar production values, regardless of cost or time. This looks like being their year. The addition of Irish- born singer Brenagh Slevin brings a distinctive warmth and a sense of poetry to their largely downbeat songs.

Now signed to Jive Records, the group have been recording their forthcoming debut album with Perfecto bod Steve Osbourne. Watch out for their most essential of post-club albums in mid A store with a listening deck between every rack. Well, there are, in fact, three of them. Satellite in New York, Boston and Atlanta. Expect some full vocal material to complement their remixes for reggae don Bim Sherman and former Shamen vocalist Jhelisa Anderson, too.

This year will see 83 West continuing to draw upon experimental material from Chicago, New York and Canada. They will also be launching 83 West Blue to cater for the harder and more minimal Cajmere-type sound which is popular in Canada.

Stay tuned. Sound Of The Future 9. Shimon 13 ijiiion Shakedown leet. PTunk fUclt, lll! Cheeky sod. The tags themselves even come in a taste bud-melting, acid-blotter sheet design. Contact LSD on 01 71 Their "Freakender" experience promises "a world of images at war in the mind ; of the beholder"!

So, if you've already got the entire series of "X-Mix" and those dodgy "Dr Devious" tapes too, I here's where to head. It's blinding. I Literally! That might do the trick. Anyway, it's not exactly the perfect time to be thinking about your summer footwear, but Northwave have launched their latest range regardless.

The Big Boy Sole has been redone in new tangy colours, from coral reef blue to sunset orange, plus there are the new, slip-on styles, Sabot and Espresso Beach. The perfume isn't at all bad actually, but the press release is priceless. You are promised "sandalwood enhanced by the warmth and richness of apoponax and tonka bean", whatever they may be.

And a fragrance that "encourages us to think and act freely". The only thing it doesn't do, apparently, is get Kate Moss round your pad for dinner. Shame, that. Available everywhere very shortly.

Because that Seventies classic, the Fa rah label, with its famous "F" tab on their oh- so-desirable trousers, are back with their new collection. The box set most mere mortals will never get to see. As well as the highly limited version of "Nu Yorican Soul" which appeared in the shops before Christmas, Talkin' Loud issued this promo version for all those louche, high-living scum in the music industry.

It came in a crafted wooden box, complete with an interview CD and two of Havana's finest exports. Proof that Gilles Peterson is becoming more like acid jazz's Eric Hall by the day.

And it looks like our Castro-style "stick-on beard" went missing in the post, eh? Just name your 1 poison. Call 01 71 89 for further details. Record your favourite music digitally.

Get your musical taste in order on MiniDisc. You can record it, rearrange it and delete it without gaps, all at the touch ol a button. And, with digital sound quality.

Understandably, this doesn't give the 21 -year-old happy hardcore DJ much time to keep a lookout for police carslurking in lay-bys to catch lunatics like himself breaking thespeed limit. So nobody, least of all Dougal, was surprised when the courts finally gottough.

A couple of days before we were scheduled to join him on the road, he was issued with a six-month driving ban after he was caught doing 1 20 just outside Lockerbie on the Scottish border. Telephoning us with the bad news, Dougal typically managed to sound both agitated and somehow at ease with the situation. All my mates have serious women problems at the moment which means they aren't up for taking me out," he says breathlessly before suddenly taking on a more cheerful tone.

He's also currently shooting a "day in the life" video of both Dougal and Slipmatt, starting with the pair of them cutting dub plates and making hardcore records in their studios, and ending with some hot footage of the best events in the country.

He is met with a firm shake of the head. For Dougal, this is the start of a highly stressful, hair-raising, pulse-soaring night. Grumbling, he consoles himself by tucking into his third packet of Monster Munch. Twelve packets of Monster Munch, Flamin' Hot variety, two packets of Mr Kipling's apple pies, three packets of Jaffa Cakes, three bananas and two egg mayonnaise sandwiches fight for space with Dougal's feet on the car floor.

Everything gets eaten before we arrive at the final destination, Tasmania on Hastings Pier. I lost more than half a stone when I misplaced my diary at a club in Manchester about a month ago. I didn't want to let any promoters down, so I spent hours on the phone trying to find out where I was supposed to be over the next couple of weekends. I gotso worked up about it, I totally forgot to eat for days. And despite his frequent run-ins with the police and numerous mechanical breakdowns, he has yet to arrive at a gig more than 1 5 minutes late, a fact he is visibly proud of.

People always seem to step in and save the day just when I need them," he smiles, before swinging back into his distressed state as he shuffles around in his seat, looking for another packet of Monster Munch. The headlights were getting dimmer and dimmer, and I kept praying the car would make it through the night. After the gig, the bloody engine wouldn't start. I had to getto Wolverhampton for anothertwo gigs, so I was running around the car park like an idiot asking everyone for a lift.

I eventually managed to convince this raver to take me in his Escort. It took seven hours and I was crushed up in the passenger seat with my two record boxes. The raver was completely off his face, too. I was sure we were going to crash and die! However, the next minute his frenzied outburst is exchanged for laughter as he remembers he did actually arrive at hisdestination in one piece.

I reckon I lost about two stone that night alone. Hedoesn'teven drinkalcohol. I don't preach though. If people want to do them, that's fine. My only vice is driving too fast. After 1 2 hours in a car with Dougal, it becomes crystal clear this guy gets his kicks from hammering down motorways and country lanes at breakneck speed.

And even though he'd never admit to it, he seems to thrive on the knowledge that a couple of badly-timed traffic lights could mean the difference between playing a gig or getting some serious grief from an outraged promoter. In many ways, Dougal personifies happy hardcore. The majority of his set consists of exclusive dub plates and tunes from his Essential Platinum imprint, a label which takes elements from the Dutch and Scottish scenes, and mixes them with the lighter, piano- led breakbeat from England.

In the grand scheme of things, Dougal has positioned himself quite nicely. Of his contemporaries, DJ Brisk is faster and appeals to ravers in the North, whereas Vibes appeals mainly to the rave crowds in the South. But Dougal manages to fall somewhere in-between which, ensures he'll go down just as well at Bagleys or Hastings Pier as he will at Club Kinetic or the Doncaster Warehouse. When you see the crowd moving to some of his more delirious Mickey Mouse tracks, like Druid Et Big D's white label or Hixxy's "Lullaby" both released on Essential Platinum , you instantly forgive him for cutting the vinyl in the first place.

As far as Dougal is concerned, hardcore is first and foremost about fun. If you play something the crowd isn't too sure about, they'll just go and get a drink of water. I don't get a moment's peace, I swear! Heaven is intended for hardbag tracks with a rave edge to them, starting with a respectable house version of Slipmatt's "On A Ragga Tip". Actually, I'm trying to keep away from all that Mickey Mouse crap these days.

I've been DJing for. People can't dance all nightto bpm. Melody is refusing to skip the lights and we get lost while making for King's Cross. We're running 1 5 minutes late when Dougal suddenly spies Bagleys in the distance.

Barely letting the car slow down, he leaps out and makes a dash for the venue. Because I didn't get no message," he fumes. It isn't good enough, we drove like fuckin' lunatics to make thisdo tonight! After a rather heated discussion, the promoter agrees to sort out a cancellation fee and allows us inside the club for a look around. From here on in, everything runs smoothly and, once again, we arrive at the final gig early.

Afterwards, we spend another couple of I swear! It's 9am and Dougal is still buzzing with nervous energy. Already he's getting worried about who's going to drive him to tonight's gigs and if any more promoters will let him down. Austell - Saffron St. We had everything before us and nothing before us.

We were all going to the Soundshaft at London's Heaven and we all wanted to stay there forever. Our music was British and hard, percussive yet melodic. And it went by the name of progressive house. The scene started around , when it was noticeable that some UK tracks were becoming a lot more percussive, much longer, and more experimental. The cuts didn't build until after four or five minutes, but they held your interest and were eminently danceable.

You could call them dub tracks with a trance feel, all between and bpms. They were also very underground. Commercial radio wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Most of the artists we approached, though, found it mildly pretentious. I mean, the term infers producers of other house music were happy to stand still or were even 'regressive'.

It also made the older producers think of progressive rock, which was extremely unfortunate. And more importantly, so did the music. Going even further, on this podcast Arnie Carvalho talks to Chopping Mall director Jim Wynorski and writer Steve Mitchell, dispelling internet rumors and finding out about the making of this film.

The Dune novels have built a universe full of history and lore. So many details and characters exit that it seemed even David Lynch had trouble squeezing Frank Herbert's original novel into two hours, but could it work in six? Frank Herbert's novel Dune had a long path from the novel to film. After a series of false starts it finally hit theaters in directed by Oscar nominated director David Lynch.

The director turned down Return of the Jedi for this other sci-fi epic. Yet while both are space fantasies on desert planets, Jedi was populated with muppets and Dune came with a pamphlet to help moviegoers unfurl the dense narrative. How much of this film is Herbert and how much is Lynch, and is this film the worm or the hook?

Join the Now Playing podcast hosts to find out! As the school year ended in John Hughes gave the world a film honoring playing hooky -- Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

On the surface this is a fluffy comedy about three teens set loose in Chicago, but its themes and characters clicked with audiences and have endured for thirty years. Now, as Now Playing continues its look at the films of , Arnie, Marjorie, and Justin skip school to give you this bonus movie review.

Is this the best Day ever? Join them to find out! I am not an animal! I am a human being! That quote from David Lynch's The Elephant Man has become part of the American lexicon, quoted in literally hundreds of movies and television shows. But what of the film that created the quote? Lynch's black and white biopic, his first commercial production, was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won many other statues.

How does The Elephant Man hold up over 35 years later? Take the bag off your head, put in your earbuds, and join Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart to find out! But before all those films came Eraserhead - Lynch's surreal feature debut. It has become a midnight-movie cult hit and its meaning has been debated for decades. Now you can join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob as they give their analysis and review! This film eschews all the other movies' science fiction basis to bring that magic feeling to the franchise.

Listen now to find out! After swearing he was done with horror movies, director Rob Zombie scared up some crowd-funded money to make a tale of Halloween murder-- Featuring a group of carnies trapped by psychotic clowns, the film is a throwback to Zombie's earliest films.

But is retro horror what we need, or is it just too much clowning around? Join the Now Playing hosts as they treat your trick with this special Halloween movie review! It took three years for Blumhouse to scare up a sequel to Sinister.

Original creator Scott Derrickson had moved on to make Dr. Strange, but he returned to co-write and produce this follow-up. Justin, Stuart, and Arnie are here to fill your trick or treat bag with this bonus podcast!

So listen to find out! The Pet Sematary series returned from the grave in The three years in the ground or the video stores did it no favors as the return looked little like the '89 original. Gone was the entire cast, replaced by new star Edward Furlong -- fresh off his success of Terminator 2. Can returning director Mary Lambert reanimate this franchise, or does this sequel smell of rot and death? Dig up this show to find out! One of the most acclaimed horror films of this decade was Sinister.

On the surface this Blumhouse production seems little different than many haunted house films like Paranormal Activity and Insidious. But Sinister hit a note with fans, and its success and style set director Scott Derrickson on the path to direct Marvel's Doctor Strange.

Is this another false scare, or is there something truly Sinister here? In King published Pet Sematary - the book he dubbed to scary to print, with a title too difficult to spell. The book was a smash success. Six years later the film adaptation was released. Can it possibly be as frightening as the source novel?

Join Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob as they dig up this movie and find out! By Stephen King had been christened the "King of Horror", his every book a bestseller, and his three films hits. John Carpenter was an acclaimed horror director who created the modern slasher with Halloween. When these two masters of terror joined forces to make 's Christine , could the results be anything but frightful fun? Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob as they review the carnage to find out!

Well, scratch that, it's like several others--including Romero's own Creepshow! In fact, the King story in this film was written by Romero for Creepshow 2 , but now it's joined by two other stories of monsters and murder. Are these Tales the best Creepshow sequel of all? Join us to find out Nearly 20 years after the last Creepshow left theaters a third installment creeped onto video shelves.

Five more tales of terror await, but now they are all intertwined with crossover characters and a twisting timeline. Does this add enjoyment to the final Creepshow? Grab a hot dog and join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob to find out! The studio made it in secret. No one knew that Adam Wingard's new horror film The Woods was actually the third installment of the Blair Witch film series.

This one goes back to the original film in both universe and style. Watch the found footage as James Donahue, brother of the original film's Heather, leads a new crew into Burkittsville to try and uncover the age old mystery. Is this a great return to form? Head into the woods with Jakob, Arnie, and Stuart to find out! When you think of Ferris Bueller what comes to mind? Is it "Oh Yeah"? Or perhaps the Star Wars theme playing while Cameron's Ferrari shot above the city streets.

But for all the important music moments in the film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off never had a soundtrack And to talk about it are Arnie, Marjorie, and Justin along with some guests. The poster looked the same, but there was a new director, Romero was now only writing, and King had a "Story By" credit. With just three tales of terror, versus the original's five, is the humor as sharp and the horror as scary? Get your ticket and join Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie to find out!

Stephen King was a master of written horror, and George Romero a master of cinematic scares. And in those two combined forces to bring you Creepshow -- five tales of terror, written by King and directed by Romero. Were two kings of horror better than one? Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob as they creep up on you with this review! They didn't market Stand by Me as a Stephen King film. In a period piece drama didn't fit with King's history of films, including axe murderers, ghosts, zombies, vampires, and killer semis.

Few would have thought this 50's coming-of-age nostalgia piece was from King's short story "The Body. How does this movie hold up thirty years later, playing to people other than Baby Boomers? Stand by Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob to find out! A Nazi in hiding is uncovered by a suburban boy, and the result is blackmail and bloodshed.

Now it's time for his nemesis to get the spotlight. Suicide Squad stars villains like Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Enchantress -- a group of bad people who may be able to do some good. The characters are the worst of the worst It's been nine years since Matt Damon last played Jason Bourne. But now he is back, ready to uncover new secrets about Treadstone and what turned David Webb into Jason Bourne.

Do Greengrass and Damon still have the spark that made those original films so memorable, or should they have not Borne out another sequel? Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob in this podcast movie review to find out! On Thursday, September 8, , Star Trek beamed into people's homes for the first time.

Since then, Star Trek has become a cultural phenomenon spanning television episodes across six series, and 12 movies. But now it is time for Star Trek to go Beyond.

Is there still power in those warp coils on the Enterprise's 13th voyage in theaters? A long time ago, in a trailer park far, far away But it wasn't just a game--it was a proving grounds for fighters to join an intergalactic war. Is Alex the Luke Skywalker for the '80s? And how does this film's once-groundbreaking CGI hold up over 30 years later? Join Arnie, Marjorie, and Justin to find out! But Universal Pictures wasn't going to let that stop their blockbuster franchise, so enter The Bourne Legacy!

Rather than risk exposure, the CIA has chosen to kill all their agents and start over. Can Cross survive this extinction protocol? And can the franchise survive without its signature star and character? Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob now to find out! Three years after Bourne was supreme at the box office, star Matt Damon reteamed with director Paul Greengrass for the series' third installment -- The Bourne Ultimatum. This film promises to reveal the final secrets about the secret agent's past, and gives co-star Julia Stiles something to do.

Did this original Bourne trilogy end on a high note? This time Johnny is in the big city and realizing what it means to be human The film was supposed to be full of heart, laughs, and special effects. But Johnny's wires got crossed and no connection was made with audiences.

With this film Johnny 5's cinematic life ended, but did he deserve his fate? Join Justin Five, Stuart, and Arnie to find out!

Universal had little confidence in making The Bourne Identity, but after its huge success they fast-tracked the sequel: The Bourne Supremacy. This follow-up teamed Damon with Paul Greengrass, who would continue to guide the Bourne films through this summer's new Jason Bourne. Is this film truly supreme, or did the franchise lose its identity?

Join Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob to find out! HAL The T Johnny 5. Yes, in the pantheon of great movie robots, there is no denying S. He came alive in 's Short Circuit and charmed audiences with his naivete, and his DeBarge theme song. Now, as Now Playing looks back at the great sci-fi films of , Arnie, Stuart, and new Now Playing critic Justin review this film to answer the age old question In a new action franchise was Bourne. Despite a modest budget, the film connected with critics and audience members alike.

With the upcoming sequel Jason Bourne in theaters this July, it's time to check Bourne's original Identity. Does the film hold up 14 years later? Jason Bourne has existed in Robert Ludlum novels for over 35 years. For mainstream audiences, however, he came to life when Matt Damon starred as the amnesiac secret agent in That action-packed rendition now defines the character, and has totally overshadowed Bourne's first portrayal -- in a ABC miniseries.

The story was much closer to Ludlum's original novel than the later films, but can Richard Chamberlain match Damon's performance? To find out, join Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart as this new retrospective series is Bourne! And come back each week until we review the new Jason Bourne film in theaters! The original horror film scared up lots of dough for Universal, so now the series returns with Ed and Lorraine Warren investigating another real life haunting -- The Enfield Poltergeist.

How "true to life" is this story, and does it up the suspense from the original? Join us to find out! But while this film has the same look and some returning stars, there's a new vibe throwing back to the original cartoon series -- including fan-loved baddies Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady. With Arrow star Stephen Amell joining the cast as human vigilante Casey Jones, are these turtles worth shelling out for? Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob for their review to find out! Director Bryan Singer is back to take the X-Men to the '80s for a totally tubular fight against Apocalypse!

The film debuts the fan-favorite mutant villain on film. Is the result boss or bunk? Join Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart to find out! The original Hellboy film didn't set the box office on fire. But like a necromancer, director and writer Guillermo del Toro brought the demonic comic hero back on screens in Dark Horse Comics was once best known for its series based on popular movie properties like Star Wars, Predator, and Alien.

That reputation slowly changed as the publisher's original characters gained prominence, with the most popular becoming Mike Mignola's demonic creation Hellboy! In that comic was adapted to film by fantastical visionary Guillermo del Toro. Now join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob as they go to hell and back, reviewing the original Hellboy! Is this movie Captain America 3 or Avengers 3? Cap is back and he's brought the whole team. At issue is the UN wanting to control The Avengers. No one was interested in making movies based on the writings of Richard Bachman.

More, they were dark and rough novels King wrote in his early years. That changed in when Bachman was exposed as a pen name for Stephen King. The film is now a cult hit, fondly remembered by Generation X, but is it any good? From to Stephen King published 12 books, most of them bestsellers. Yet only three movies were based on his writing during that same period: Carrie in , The Shining in , and Creepshow in That all changed starting in In the next four years a total of thirteen movies based on King's works hit screens.

The first movie in that deluge was Cujo, based on King's book about a mother and son trapped by a rabid dog. Harvey Pekar was an independent comic writer, a notorious talk show guest, and a general grump. And with the film American Splendor he added another title--movie star. Pekar himself and Paul Giamatti both play the author in the film that depicts Crumb's start in comics, and his fight with cancer.

It's possibly the most down-to-earth comic book movie Now Playing has ever reviewed And after you listen to this review, listen to Jakob's interview with Harvey Pekar. With that film's success Miller went on to direct his own feature film. The result was The Spirit, based on Will Eisner's iconic comic book crimefighter. The movie's visual style and tone strongly resembled Sin City but the reception didn't match that earlier film.

Is this film a Sin worth committing? When fans think of The Spirit they probably think of Will Eisner's 's comic book crimefighter.

Or they may think of Frank Miller's film adaptation of the same name. Only the hard core Spirit fans and '80s trivia buffs would think of the film we'r. It took fifteen years of development, but now the World's Finest heroes are together on screen with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Can the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel share the screen? The box office was big but the audience divided. Now join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob for this review to find out! Watchmen was an acclaimed '80s comic series.

It helped legitimize comics as a literary medium, and remained a bestseller for over 20 years. Yet with its complex, nonlinear narrative, all attempts to adapt it to film had failed to launch. But in director Sack Snyder, fresh off his success on , used the same visual style to bring Watchmen to theaters. The result was not as highly-praised as the graphic novel, but is it worth a watch?

Join Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart as they review the film version of Watchmen, including a comparison of all three different cuts released! After the success of the X-Men superhero properties were in demand.

Jeckyll, The Invisible Man, and others. The film's reception, though, was anything but extraordinary with rumors this production ended the careers of both Connery and director Stephen Norrington. Is the film deserved of that reputation? Join our League of Extraordinary Movie Critics to find out! After only a few years in publication the series' success led to Buena Vista creating this animated feature, starring voice actors Mark Hamill, John de Lancie, John de Lancie, and Flea.

But before the movie could see release Wildstorm was bought by DC Comics, and Buena Vista parent company Disney forever shelved this action cartoon. Is this a gem that deserves its day, or a mercy killing a'la Corman's Fantasic Four? Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob for this review to find out! DC has had over 15 years of television dominance.

But not every attempt to bring the comics to life succeeded. Birds of Prey was cancelled early, and David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot was never aired at all. In Superman took flight in theaters. This TV special was split into two episodes, one an adventure and the other a "roast" of the heroes. Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob with this review to find out!

This show description is guest written by Deadpool. Oh, hello there! Deadpool here. It took ten years but I've finally got my own solo film! Now, I know I'm awesome, but even I'm shocked at how many box office records it broke. I have to give a lot of credit to the marketing, but the movie stars me, so it has to be awesome. The real question, though, is what Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob think. So whatever you're doing -- STOP! You need to just put your life on hold for the next minutes and listen to this show to hear the guys review of my first movie!

Neil Gaiman's Stardust began in as a DC comic book fairy tale. In it was then published as an illustrated novel. Finally in it was adapted to the screen, directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Is this yet another Vaughn comic adaptation worth checking out, or should it be burned ashes to ashes, Stardust to Stardust? Studio Ghibli and director Hayao Miyazaki are highly regarded among anime fans. But none of their previous successes compared to 's mythological Princess Mononoke. The film became Japan's top-grossing film of all time. Now join the Now Playing hosts as they travel into the forest for their first anime movie review!

Masters of the Universe was a beloved toy line and a hit '80s cartoon. Its live-action movie, however, is not so fondly remembered.

This Dolph Lundgren vehicle broke its movie studio but created new figures for kids to play with. Does this film have the power? It started with a contest, a fan-submitted new "fake" trailer for Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse double feature.

It ended up, like Machete, being made into a full movie! The title sums up the film, but with Rutger Hauer cast as the titular Hobo can this be more than midnight-movie fare?

The original film promised Danny Trejo would return as Machete, and that promise was kept! Machete Kills, released in , boasts an even bigger line-up of stars than the original. But did Machete kill our hosts with its jokes? And are they anxious for Machete Kills in Space?

He knows the score. He gets the babes. He kills the bad guys. He is Machete! Then in that joke became a major motion picture. Did the film live up to the trailer's promise? It also gave fans their first glimpse at the bounty hunter Boba Fett! So how can it be so hated, shunned, and disavowed? Lucas promised it would never happen. But with the shadow of the prequels hanging over the series, does director J. Abrams' new film fall to the dark side, or the light?

In Revenge of the Sith was touted as the last Star Wars film. So fans were surprised and amazed in when the announcement came that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be an animated, feature film. Originally developed as four episodes of the Clone Wars series, the footage was spliced together to feature length. With Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee reprising their live-action characters, does this glorified TV pilot deserve its place as the final Lucas-era Star Wars movie?

Can Michael B. Jordan's Adonis be the new box office boxing champ? Listen to this episode of Now Playing Podcast to find out! This film needed to create the links between Lucas' two prequel films and his much-beloved original trilogy.

Showing the rise of the Empire, the fall of Anakin Skywalker, and the downfall of the Jedi Order is an ambitious feat for any film.

Did Sith rise to the challenge? Society is the cause of evil and crime. Society's to blame, not the individual responsible for his choices. There have been three great styles of twentieth-century American oratory—northern Irish, southern white, and black evangelical—and all three are disappearing under the pressure of media mavens who teach public figures to speak in clipped sound bites.

Hyde's rolling cadences represent an unapologetic throwback to a better class of rhetoric. For example, while lots of conservative politicians like to mention the references to God in the Pledge of Allegiance and on the back of a penny, only Hyde issues the challenge: "A nation 'under God' means a nation under God's judgment, constantly reminded by our smallest coin that the true measure of ourselves comes from beyond ourselves.

Hyde's office walls display photographs of Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa, but he also has words of praise for Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and sentences of scorn for those who decry the Religious Right: "There is a repressive fundamentalism extant in our country today, but it's not of the religious variety. Hyde is relaxed as he rocks softly in his office chair, but there is an edge to his voice as he talks about colleagues who roll over under media pressure: "People want to do what's right, but unfortunately they would rather be perceived as doing right than as actually doing what's right.

I think they are torn, and perception wins out, because the adoration of the secular press is heady. Hyde rolls in his right hand a long cigar as he discusses the job of a member of Congress: "You are supposed to be better informed than the average constituent who gets his information from a paragraph or two in the newspaper, or a sound bite on the television at night.

You can make people aware of the truth. Hyde is perhaps best known for his constant enunciation of one unpopular stand—that human life begins at conception. He became a pro-life advocate in while serving in the Illinois House of Representatives, and during his first term in Congress introduced the Hyde Amendment, which, since , has prohibited the use of federal funds to pay for abortion. Yet, with over 90 percent of media leaders favoring abortion, Hyde acknowledges that many politicians are retreating from antiabortion positions.

He is irritated by so-called seamless-garment rating systems that link abortion to other "life issues," such as the death penalty and nuclear deterrence. They are just a "way of protecting the Kennedys and the Moynihans," he says. He also does not care for the merging of birth control and abortion concerns found among some Catholics and fundamentalists: "Abortion is killing an innocent human life.

The other is preventing conception of a human life, which I think is morally wrong, but there is a vast distinction. Chief Justice and Members of the Senate. We are brought together on this most solemn and historic occasion to perform important duties assigned to us by the Constitution.

We want you to know how much we respect you and this institution and how grateful we are for your guidance and cooperation. With your permission, we the managers of the House are here to set forth the evidence in support of two articles of impeachment against President William Jefferson Clinton.

You are here seated in this historic chamber not to embark on some great legislative debate, which these stately walls have so often witnessed, but to listen to the evidence, as those who must sit in judgment. To guide you in this grave duty you have taken an oath of impartiality. With the simple words "I do," you have pledged to put aside personal bias and partisan interest and to do "impartial justice.

We are here, Mr. The oath. In many ways the case you will consider in the coming days is about those two words "I do," pronounced at two Presidential inaugurations by a person whose spoken words have singular importance to our nation and to the great globe itself. More than four hundred fifty years ago, Sir Thomas More, former Lord Chancellor of England, was imprisoned in the Tower of London because he had, in the name of conscience, defied the absolute power of the King.

As the playwright Robert Bolt tells it, More was visited by his family, who tried to persuade him to speak the words of the oath that would save his life, even while, in his mind and heart, he held firm to his conviction that the King was in error. More refused. As he told his daughter, "Margaret, "When a man takes an oath, Meg, he's holding his own self in his hands. Like water. And if he opens his fingers then - he needn't hope to find himself again Members of the Senate, what you do over the next few weeks will forever affect the meaning of those two words "I do.

It's significance in public service and our cherished system of justice will never be the same after this. Depending on what you decide, it will either be strengthened in its power to achieve Justice or it will go the way of so much of our moral infrastructure and become a mere convention, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. In , as a freshman congressman, he introduced and successfully persuaded his colleagues to pass the Hyde amendment to an appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services.

The amendment restricted the federal government from funding abortions. Chris Smith, R-N. We have lost a truly great statesman and patriot. Gregory in June , now-retired Bishop Joseph L. Imesch of Joliet praised him as "a consistent, steady voice for life" and said, "The church owes you a great deal for that.

A member of St. In addition to his pro-life work, Hyde's more than three decades in the House included a stint as chairman of the House International Relations Committee.

At that time the U. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Hyde garnered support for President Bill Clinton's assault weapons ban in Hyde also made history in when he introduced legislation to investigate the case for the impeachment of Clinton.

He led the impeachment hearings as chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Code to protect victims and get the criminals off the streets," Smith said. My guys at Action Economics think gross domestic product growth will average 3. Bush, no presidents who presided over 8 years of such extravagant growth in national wealth will be treated badly by history. Mary Landrieu D-La. She barely survived last time without such a drag. First, it is a reassertion of the state, a counter-revolution against democracy, which in the eyes of the president's supporters brought Russia to the verge of ruin during the s.

The men behind this counter-revolution are the siloviki from the Russian word for power - men like Putin from the old KGB reformed as the FSB , or the armed forces and the "power ministries", which together formed an inner cabinet in Boris Yeltsin's government and brought in Putin as his replacement in The second element of Putinism is the intimate connection between politics and business. Senior state officials control and own the public media, sit on the boards of state-owned corporations and enrich themselves from it, have lucrative connections with the oligarchs, and own large shares of the country's banks as well as its oil, gas and mining companies.

At a lower level, in many Russian towns, politics and business are closely intertwined with the police and organised crime. Much of this goes well beyond corruption in the conventional meaning of the term businessmen offering bribes to officials. In Putin's Russia the politician is usually a businessman, too, and perhaps an FSB official as well, so he doesn't need to pay a bribe. Political connections are the fastest way to become rich. The most successful oligarchs are shadowy figures in the presidential entourage.

And all the country's senior politicians are multimillionaires, their money safely stashed abroad for them by Kremlin-favoured businessmen. Meanwhile the Muslim population, with its historically high birth rates, continues to grow, in part as immigrants from central Asia fill the gaps in the labour market.

There are 25 million Muslims in Russia today demographers predict that they will be the majority within 50 years. Like the Jews in previous times, Russia's Muslims have become the focus of a rising wave of xenophobic Russian nationalism that is only partly satisfied by Putin's increasingly nationalist rhetoric.

If it weren't for him, millions of Russians would vote for an ultra-nationalist - for instance, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, whose Liberal Democratic Party is expected to come second, or perhaps third behind the Communists, with roughly 10 per cent of the vote. Nationalism is the third main element of Putinism, and perhaps the key to its success. Richard Pipes, in his book on Russian conservatism , quotes a commentator of the s Rotislav Fadeev : Russia represents the only example in history of a state the entire population of which, without exception, all estates taken together, do not acknowledge any independent social force apart from the sovereign authority Red Sox pitcher Michael Bowden has been discussed as a possible fourth player, sources say, but the identity of the fourth player is in flux.

Buchholz would be preferable to Lester, but a great deal if the Sox can pull it off. In fact, it might have been billed as the regular season game of this century. Instead, it looks to be little more than an entertaining way of passing a Thursday night — at least for a while. On ESPN Radio this morning, Ed Whirter noted that the record high in Dallas for January 20th the date of the NFC Championship game is 83, while the record low in Green Bay for the same day is , meaning the teams teams are potentially playing tonight for degrees.

The White House drew attention to the decline on the eve of a meeting in Bali, Indonesia, to launch negotiations on a global treaty to reduce such emissions. President Bush said in a written statement that, when measured against economic growth, it demonstrated "the largest annual improvement since By contrast, only a small minority of their parents describe themselves as skilled English speakers.

This finding of a dramatic increase in English-language ability from one generation of Hispanics to the next emerges from a new analysis of six Pew Hispanic Center surveys conducted this decade among a total of more than 14, Latino adults. Reading ability in English shows a similar trend. As fluency in English increases across generations, so, too, does the regular use of English by Hispanics, both at home and at work. For most immigrants, English is not the primary language they use in either setting.

But for their grown children, it is. Garza ranked as the team's No. A first-round pick who turned 24 years old earlier this month and won't be eligible for free agency until after the season, Garza looks capable of being a solid middle-of-the-rotation starter right now and has the potential to be a No. Morlan ranked as the team's No. The year-old former third-round pick has dominated in the minors and projects as a late-inning reliever who could be ready to make a significant big-league impact as soon as Last but not least the Twins surprisingly sent their year-old starting shortstop packing, although perhaps it isn't such a shock given the lengths that they went to avoid handing Bartlett the starting gig in the first place.

Bartlett remained at Triple-A in favor of Juan Castro long after he'd proven himself in the minors and then hit. The package that the Twins received in return for Garza, Morlan, and Bartlett essentially means that Young must become a superstar for the trade to be successful. If you were to choose one system to try and contend in the AL East with over the next five seasons, it might be that you'd have to choose Tampa over the Sox and Yanks, though it could be a year or two before they put it all together.

Thompson takes on D. Brown, Nov 29, , Politico Fred Thompson's presidential campaign has been unorthodox since Day One, and his decision to grab the "third rail" of American politics with both hands is a clear indication that he really is a different kind of candidate. Since agreeing to run after a mild draft effort by conservatives looking to fill the void in the race for a candidate who shared their views and values, Thompson has pursued what can only be considered a nontraditional path. Now, the former Tennessee senator-turned-actor is making reform of Social Security and Medicare — the kind of issues presidential candidates typically avoid like the plague — major campaign topics as he seeks the Republican nomination.

Although some might consider that courageous, the conventional wisdom, at least inside the Beltway, is that this is akin to committing political suicide. It will put a big, bright target on his back. Whether they should be or not is a separate question, but voters obviously aren't happy with the status quo that every other candidate is running to maintain.

Study finds U. One in eight people living in the United States is an immigrant, the survey found, for a total of Nalapat, November 28, , UPI Asia Thanks largely to India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, who shared with his leftwing British friends a dislike of the Yanks, the geopolitically senseless alienation between the United States and India continued for five decades after India's independence in Even as late as the s, the U. At the same time the Clinton administration was covertly backing the jihadi elements that finally took power in Kabul in as the Taliban.

Interestingly, as yet the U. Congress has not opened an enquiry into the policies that resulted in Osama bin Laden's patrons being given charge of Afghanistan, with consequences that have been disastrous for international security.

Relentless U. Even in its heyday, however, the strategic relationship between New Delhi and Moscow never resulted in a single Soviet soldier coming to India for basing or training. Nowadays the U. Fear of international jihad and worries over a fast-developing Chinese military have made the United States and India de facto military allies. However, within both countries strong lobbies are still at work to abort this alliance.

Within the United States these anti-India groups have coalesced around two poles. The first comprises those who take a Euro-centric view of the world, seeing it in terms of the West and the Rest.

Such individuals see little value in a full-fledged alliance with India that might divert focus from NATO. According to this school, the only core international partners of value to the United States in worldwide conflicts are the other NATO countries.

The other lobby hard at work within the United States to sabotage the India-U. This is pretty much Federalist 51 reduced to a great pop song. Trading Places : Will the secular left soon attack the religious right for being pro-science? JOSEPH BOTTUM, November 28, , Opinion Journal [A]ll those editorialists and columnists who have, over the past 10 years, howled and howled about Luddites and religious fanatics thwarting science and frustrating medicine--were they really interested in technology and health, or were they just using all that as a handy stick with which to whack their political opponents?

The people who turn out actually to have believed in the power of science are the pro-lifers--the ones who said that a moral roadblock is not, in point of fact, an outrageous hindrance, for scientists will always find another, less-objectionable way to achieve their goals. President Bush's refusal of federal funding for new embryonic stem cell lines didn't halt major stem-cell advances, any more than the prohibition against life-threatening research on human subjects, such as the infamous Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male, stopped the advance of medical treatments.

For those who attacked the pro-lifers in the name of science, however, things look a little different. As Maureen L. Condic explained to First Thigns readers this year in her careful survey, "What We Know About Embryonic Stem Cells," the promises of medical breakthroughs were massively overblown by the media. But there were reasons for all the hype. I have long suspected that science, in the context of the editorial page of the New York Times, was simply a stalking-horse for something else.

In fact, for two something-elses: a chance to discredit America's religious believers, and an opportunity to put yet another hedge around the legalization of abortion.

After all, if our very health depends on the death of embryos, and we live in a culture that routinely destroys early human life in the laboratory, no grounds could exist for objecting to abortion. We've long been of the opinion that someone should have done an editorial cartoon where Christopher Reeves, Ron Reagan, Michael J. Fox, Rudy Giuliani and company are sitting around a banquet table woofing down fetuses, which was all along, as Mr.

Bottum points out, implicit in their argument. I did so because I believe the war is immoral and illegal. I aligned myself with some high- profile lobbying organizations who I believed would have the most significant impact on ending the war.

In doing so, I detached myself from the people of this country who are honestly committed to ending the war. I traded my convictions for "special interest" groups who sometimes seem to be in place simply to smear those who disagree with their political agenda. But the agenda is not anti-war. The war is used by these organizations as ammunition against political foes - primarily Republicans. They are the enemy despite the fact that many Democrats vote the same way.

It was very hard for me to go "off the reservation. We watched as legislation that had no substantial impact on ending the war was debated. There ARE anti-war resolutions still floating out there that call for a real end to the war, but the groups I worked for wouldn't spend one dime to promote legislation considered out of the mainstream of the Democratic Party. Any genuine anti-war message was filtered through media consultants who provide politically correct "talking points" to veterans for them to carry out a phony message that is beneficial to the campaign.

We threatened Republicans with "political extinction" if they didn't change their votes on Iraq. It was a partisan tactic that got us nowhere fast. When I worked with these organizations, I did nothing to actually stop the war. I only put on a good show that would catch the attention of the media. W is ending the war by winning it. Official cleared of spying despite intervention by Iran's president Robert Tait, November 28, , The Guardian Mousavian, who served as nuclear negotiator during the reformist presidency of Mohammad Khatami, was detained for a week last spring before being freed on bail.

The case became symbolic of a struggle for control over Iran's nuclear policy between Ahmadinejad, who refuses to suspend uranium enrichment, and pragmatists close to Rafsanjani who favour dealing with the west. Ahmadinejad intervened directly in the case against Mousavian two weeks ago by publicly labelling him a "spy" while accusing critics of the government's nuclear policy of being "traitors" who were colluding with western governments.

Ahmadinejad said Mousavian's supporters were pressuring the judge to clear him, but said he would not escape "justice". Yesterday, Alireza Jamshidi, spokesman for the judiciary, appeared to condemn the comments. And the conservative newspaper Jomhouri Eslami, thought to have links to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, last week denounced the president's attacks as "immoral" and said the courts should consider prosecution. ComScore Inc. While the first Monday after Thanksgiving kicks off the online holiday shopping season, it's not the busiest day for retailers, according to comScore.

Last year, the busiest online shopping day was Wednesday, Dec. The Monday after Thanksgiving was actually the 12th busiest day in terms of sales for the holiday period. The new alliance — called the single largest single volunteer mobilization since the war began — covers the "last gateway" for groups such as al-Qaida in Iraq seeking new havens in northern Iraq, U. In many places, the U. Giuliani billed obscure agencies for trips Ben Smith, Nov 28, , Politico As New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani billed obscure city agencies for tens of thousands of dollars in security expenses amassed during the time when he was beginning an extramarital relationship with future wife Judith Nathan in the Hamptons, according to previously undisclosed government records.

But indications were strong on Wednesday that as many as six players could be involved. Rincon seems pretty much toast, but middle relievers have wild performance swings. If they'd just ink Carl Crawford to a long term deal there'd finally be reason for excitement in Tampa.

With distinctive mottled red skin over a yellow background, these stunners are the hottest apples of the season. But it's the explosive crispness and mild, honeyed flavour that's really winning fans. The Association of University Technology Managers, in its inaugural "Better World Report" last year, declared Honeycrisps one of 25 innovations that changed the world.

They grow them at a local pick-your-own farm and they're terrific. If you don't even have to give up Ellsbury it's not a tough call. Thompson is getting aboard what has become a global bandwagon, with more than 20 nations having adopted some form of flat tax. The main political obstacle to such a reform in the U. The housing and insurance industries, states and localities, charities, bond traders and tax preparers are all foes of low tax rates. That's why the idea of a voluntary flat tax--introduced on these pages a dozen years ago--makes political sense.

It's something of a one-eyed man effect, but he's dusting the field as regards policy proposals. A few years earlier, five other men from the neighborhood said their own goodbyes.

They went to Spain to seek their fortunes. But they became famous as key suspects in the bombings of four commuter trains in Madrid that killed people on March 11, They called home a few weeks after the attacks, their voices urgent.

As the Spanish police closed in, an explosion rocked the building. The men died instantly, in a ghastly group suicide. In the years since Sept. Much about young Muslim militants remains opaque, from the texture of their family lives to the full scope of their desires. Theories of radicalization have come and gone. Experts have variously blamed poverty, Arab nationalism, the Internet, geopolitics, alienation, charismatic sheiks, dictatorial regimes and youthful anomie.

But in the study of contemporary terrorism, there has never been a laboratory quite like Jamaa Mezuak. Perhaps no theory could have predicted Jamal Ahmidan, a mastermind of the Madrid bombings. He was a feisty drug dealer with a passion for motorcycles and a weakness for Spanish women. His fellow plotters from the old neighborhood in Morocco included petty criminals and a candy vendor. If they seemed a poor fit for militant Islam, so were the young men from Jamaa Mezuak who eventually left for Iraq.

One styled his hair after John Travolta. Another was a frustrated comedian. They had yearned for a life in Europe, it seemed, not death in the Middle East. What, then, caused them to embrace violent jihad? For some of them, public outrage merged with personal grievance. One man lost his job and left for Iraq six months later. Another was forbidden to marry the girl he loved.

The drug dealer had languished in a Moroccan jail, separated from his young son. Yet individual experiences and ideological convictions can only explain so much. Increasingly, terrorism analysts have focused on the importance of social milieu. Some stress that terrorists are not simply loners, overcome by a militant cause. They are more likely to radicalize together with others who share the same passions and afflictions and daily routines. As the story of Jamaa Mezuak suggests, the turn to violence is seldom made alone.

There is nothing isolated about Tetouan. This city of , on the northern tip of Morocco sits just miles from the Mediterranean Sea. It has long been a crossroads between Africa and Europe, a place steeped in many cultures. Today, some of its streets still carry the Spanish names of their colonial past.

Men sip espressos in weathered cafes. The city is a short drive from Tangier, the onetime retreat of Paul Bowles and William Burroughs, where the Spanish coastline glimmers seductively on clear nights from across the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a constant reminder of what lies just over the horizon, the promise of a different life.

The neighborhood of Jamaa Mezuak rises up over a meandering, muddy river on the western side of Tetouan, at the foot of a craggy mountain. Lines of parched clothing crisscross the rooftops, sharing space with satellite dishes.

Squatters eventually populated the area. Thousands more poured in from the nearby Rif Mountains after a devastating drought in the early s. Many of these farmers and peasants struggled to adapt to city life and would feel alienated for years to come.

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  2. jimi hendrix, stand next to your fire will be issued nov recorded july 30 in maui hawaii it will be a 2 cd set with blu ray and 3 lp set with blu sample of video with sound is available and its smashing. the best thing is it seems that the original bass and drums are there not the 72 overdubs that has circulated. bout time and long time a comin.
  3. Jul 28,  · Let me die in the old uniform in which I fought my battles for freedom, May God forgive me for putting on another. Who: Benedict Arnold, general during the American Revolutionary War who defected from the Continental Army to the British. Note: He wanted to wear his old Continental Army uniform. I love you too, honey. Good luck with your show.
  4. Interestingly, the Australian version of the album is different to the international one, with the cover being changed, plus both ‘Jailbreak’ and ‘R.I.P. (Rock In Peace)’ being removed in favour of ‘Rocker’ (from the T.N.T. album) and ‘Love At First Feel’, which was only ever released as.
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  6. Die Internationalen Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen vergeben einen Preis, dotiert mit € Die Jury des Deutschen Wettbewerbs vergibt folgende Preise: den Preis für den besten Beitrag des Deutschen Wettbewerbs, dotiert mit € , - den 3sat-Förderpreis, dotiert mit € für einen Beitrag, der sich durch eine neue Sichtweise auszeichnet.
  7. May 29,  · I live on top of the Alpine Shop, right in downtown Middlebury." "Thanks, man," he said as he climbed into the front seat, pizza box first. "I'm so happy to see you.

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