My True Soldiers

Ridley Scott's military drama flawlessly combines top-notch cinematography with unforgiving action, superb acting by its all-star cast, and an impeccable score to produce a stirring dramatization of the Oct. But there's one moment that's sure to elicit laughter for how it pays homage to the time-honored military tradition of belligerence; the sole defense of the rank and file against the hardasses who make their lives hell from to lights out.

After returning from a reconnaissance mission on a high-value target, 'Hoot', a Delta Force soldier played by Eric Bana, is approached by Capt. Steele Jason Isaacs , a hard-ass commander who immediately grills the operator for shirking the base's weapon safety condition rules, by having his rifle on "fire" with a magazine inserted. Hoot's reply — holding up his trigger finger and saying "this is my safety, sir" — is a salty slap in the face, and is one of the most recognizable moments from the movie.

A former Delta Force soldier who retired as a master sergeant in , Hooten served with Task Force Ranger in Somalia as part of Operation Gothic Serpent, the official name for the mission that led to the Battle of Mogadishu.

It makes us forget about everything else just for a short while before he has to go back! I pray every day that God lets a true love come and stay and that you feel the same way too. A hard situation is actually going to test how strong your love is.

My family and I are so grateful for our U. They have sacrificed so much. We keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers and we can never do enough to honor all of you. It's heart breaking but we stay as strong as we can and although we cry and moan sometimes the time he's home is the most magical it makes us forget about everything else just for a short while before he has to go back!

Did you spell check your submission? Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am". Menu Search Login Loving. Keep me logged in. I couldn't write or speak about it for a long time. This was the first time I wrote a little about my heartache during that time. Boosie This for my true soldiers right here I spit this from the heart here Its real baby, sing it for me.

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I mean, have you seen the Rambo films? Could one man, even a special ops commando, really take out a whole platoon of enemy soldiers? Well, actually yes, they could. And they did it without all the big wavy locks of hair and bulging baby oil-massaged muscles of the screen.

Some involve valor; others are just actions that are too mind-blowing to believe. He lived in Shanghai, and spoke four languages. Though he was refused enlistment in the U. He told his parents he was visited by a spirit that said he was destined to be a great soldier and would never die in battle.

Finally, in , he was allowed to join the U. Army and served as a staff sergeant, swallowing his pride and working as a cook.

Carter decided to take a demotion to private in exchange for a transfer to the front, where his experience paid off. He was quickly given his stripes back and went on to receive the Distinguished Service Cross for single-handedly taking on eight Germans. Despite being shot five times, he killed six, grabbed the other two, using them as shields to make his escape. Though Carter passed away in , the United States upgraded his award to the Medal of Honor in In , when the Soviet Union invaded Finland, he quickly reenlisted.

During the Winter War of , Simo, dressed in snow-white camouflage, haunted the Soviet Army and became the deadliest sniper ever with confirmed kills. To avoid giving away his position, he kept snow in his mouth to reduce steam from his breath. He also preferred to use iron sights, rather than an optical scope, which allowed him to keep his head lower when aiming, plus sunlight reflected on scopes which could reveal his position.

The enemy finally caught up with him in March , when he was shot in the lower left jaw. He survived, but by then the Soviets and Finland had signed a peace treaty. He later became a successful dog breeder, dying at the age of 96, in He fought in three different wars, for three different countries, but all against the same enemy — Communism.

Not pro-Nazi, but very anti-Soviet, he continued to fight until captured by the Allies in Charged with treason by the Finns pardoned in , he escaped custody and joined the U. Army under the name Larry Thorne.

As a member of the elite 10 th Special Force Group Airborne , he fought with distinction in South Vietnam as an expert in guerrilla tactics. In , his helicopter crashed during an operation. Finland honors him as a hero and the U. It might seem too incredible to believe, but during the war, an American pilot defected to Nazi Germany, became an SS officer, and then was allowed to rejoin the U.

In March , Calley was given a life sentence for his role in directing the killings at My Lai. Many saw Calley as a scapegoat, and his sentence was reduced upon appeal to 20 years and later to 10; he was paroled in Later investigations have revealed that the slaughter at My Lai was not an isolated incident. Other atrocities, such as a similar massacre of villagers at My Khe, are less well known.

Among the American troops still in Vietnam, morale was low, and anger and frustration were high. Drug use increased among soldiers, and an official report in estimated that one-third or more of U.

The revelations of the My Lai massacre caused morale to plummet even further, as GIs wondered what other atrocities their superiors were concealing. On the home front in the United States, the brutality of the My Lai massacre and the efforts made by higher-ranking officers to conceal it exacerbated anti-war sentiment and increased the bitterness regarding the continuing U.

Cleveland Plain Dealer. The Heroes of My Lai. Was My Lai just one of many massacres in Vietnam War? BBC News. Coverup—I, by Seymour Hersh. The New Yorker. The Scene of the Crime, by Seymour Hersh. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

9. He wants you to pay for a phone line, cell phone or calling card so you can talk to each other. Real soldiers can call home for FREE. My husband deployed multiple times and we never paid for a single phone call. If he asks for this, he’s a scam artist. Not to mention, soldiers are making enough to buy a phone card if they really had to.

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  3. Development. True Soldiers uses an engine that also powered another game from Red Storm Entertainment, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter idea was to give more focus to multiplayer gaming, while not completely ignoring single-player experience at the same time. During the whole development, the team led by creative director Randy Greenback, had access to weapons used Developer(s): Red Storm Entertainment.
  4. This for my true soldiers like big turk and big slim, big al we here wit ya from the bone to the skin trill got life at 14 how the fuck he gone win they gave big turk on uncle 10 now we pourin out hen and big head he back again they might flip my lil whoa they gave craig 30 years cuz its nigga he spoke its no joke end up in court the white man.
  5. True Soldiers MC (USA) | The True Soldiers MC founded in is a military structured organization. We do not claim territory nor do we claim 1%. We are a brotherhood of MEN. We are all about soldiers and their families. We abide by traditional MC protocol and give respect to all. In some cases, we except non military members who possess the same values as we do.
  6. by Vicky A. Brocato, TX 4 years ago ; OMG! This read gave me a heart felt physical sensation from head to toe. There was the feeling of honor and pride, but at the same time there is the feeling of such absence or loss of part of one's crushed heart The fear at times must be so unbearable, and still a person must simultaneously show the Daddy, and the world a mighty strong face/5(K).
  7. True Life documents the lives of people experiencing addictions, phobias, and family and relationship conflicts, and soldiers returning home. All episodes are shown in their original format.
  8. A Dear John letter is one from a soldier’s soon-to-be ex-wife or girlfriend informing him FNG Fu**ing New Guy When I landed in Vietnam, my tour of 32,, seconds officially began.
  9. A total of three soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor for the battle represented in this film. Joseph Marm, Jr. received his shortly after the battle, Ed Freeman on July 16, , and Bruce P. Crandall on February 26, Freeman and Crandall were helicopter pilots who flew frequent relief and resupply missions into the heart of the.

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