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Money orders are safe, cost-effective, and never expire. For details on free Package Pickup, go to Schedule a Pickup. Available only with certain products and to certain domestic destinations. Insurance does not cover certain items. Surface mail carried beyond the point of scheduled dispatch.

The carrier takes the mail out of the office in a satchel, and the rest of the mail is deposited by a motorized carrier into relay boxes along the route. Cases are designed to allow flexible configuration of the separations, and they can be expanded by attaching additional cases wing cases on either side. To place letter and flat mail into the separations of a carrier case. A computer system that analyzes mail volume and density in manual distribution cases to determine the best arrangement of separations.

It is placed below the separations on the carrier case. It is placed above the case separation or box as a distribution guide. Also called header or label strip. Authorized funds on hand for making change at the retail window. These are separate funds, not to be confused with the cash portion of a stamp credit. A noncareer nonbargaining unit employee with a limited term appointment who performs duties assigned to bargaining unit positions as described in the applicable national agreement or other collective bargaining agreements.

See also bargaining unit employee and temporary employee. Specifically, Bound Printed Matter consisting entirely of advertising. The term is also applied more generally to mailpieces of any mail class, especially Standard Mail pieces, mainly consisting of mail-order advertising. A unit reporting to a Headquarters Supply Management Portfolio that manages purchasing and related supply chain activities for specific commodities.

A unit reporting to a Category Management Center that manages purchasing and related supply chain activities for specific commodities. A pigeon hole in a distribution case. A cell distribution case contains 49 openings. On a perfectly centered stamp, the design is in the middle.

See centralized mail delivery. CAPS is an electronic alternative to presenting checks and cash for postage and fees at multiple Post Offices. CAPS offers two account types: a centralized trust fund account using electronic funds transfer to the CAPS bank prior to mailing and a centralized debit account in which a customer designates a debit-enabled bank account for postage charges.

Delivery and collection services to a number of office buildings or low-rise apartment buildings or to individual occupants in a large office building or high-rise apartment building from a centrally located delivery point or place. See also central point delivery. The point e. See centralized markup. A residential service that provides delivery to several addresses at one delivery point e. Compare with centralized mail delivery and single point delivery.

A national center reporting to Headquarters that manages maintenance and repair of self-service equipment. The service does not provide a record of delivery. Certificate of Mailing is also available as an international service.

A Special Service that provides the sender with a mailing receipt and, upon request, electronic verification that an article was delivered or that a delivery attempt was made. A fee is charged for the service in addition to postage. Customers can retrieve the delivery status at usps. No insurance coverage is provided with the service. Customers may obtain a delivery record by purchasing Return Receipt service at the time of mailing, or they may request delivery information after mailing.

A stand-alone Special Service in which a change-of-address notice submitted via the Internet or by telephone is confirmed by reference to the credit card number provided by the requester. A Postal Automated Redirection System subsystem that automates the data entry of change-of-address forms by optical scanning of the information submitted by customers.

A service that provides election boards and voter registration commissions with the current address of a resident addressee, if known to USPS. An Ancillary Service endorsement printed on mail by the sender that directs USPS to handle undeliverable-as-addressed mail according to the option selected by the sender: a Option 1, the mail is disposed of; b Option 2, the mail is forwarded if a change-of-address order is on file and a notice of the new address is provided to the sender or the mail is disposed of if it cannot be forwarded.

See semipostal. To note, record, and report errors in mail distribution and dispatch made by other clerks. Casual employees are no longer appointed only for the holidays.

A Standard Mail piece that is part of a mailing that consists of printed, computer-generated, or other reproduced materials such as advertising widely distributed to many customers. See also direct mail.

A stationary circular rack used in offices other than network distribution centers. See also rotary sorting rack and sorting rack. A group of individuals non-USPS employees appointed by the postmaster general to evaluate proposals for postage stamp subjects and to recommend those subjects to be adopted for postage stamps and postal stationery.

Established in , the CSAC includes designers, historians, educators, and philatelists with backgrounds related to the subjects and stamp design. An employee who cases, delivers, and collects all mail classes along a city route by walking or driving to residences and businesses within an area authorized for city delivery service.

Compare with rural carrier. Tests used to estimate mail characteristics for each category of mail, on different routes and at different times of the year. These tests determine which portion of total delivery costs is attributable to each mail category. Delivery by city carriers of mail addressed to residences and business places within the city delivery limits of the Post Office. See also city delivery service. The initiation of city delivery service in an area currently not receiving it.

The initiation of city delivery service in an area outside current city delivery boundaries but in which city delivery service has already been established. An online performance management tool that delivery managers use to match staffing to workload needs and trends.

Delivery by city carriers of mail addressed to residences and businesses within an area that has a population of at least 2, residents or more than possible deliveries.

The area must have paved or improved streets; street signs and house numbers displayed; and 50 percent of the building lots developed with residences and other structures. See also business route and residential route. Compare with rural delivery service.

An online management tool that analyzes employee complement, workhours, productivity, workload, routes, and delivery. CDV calculates actual versus earned variances against standardized target productivity expectation and trends the performance down to the unit level. Mail prepared made up for a particular city for distribution to firms, carrier routes, Post Office stations, or Post Office branches.

Compare with rural route and highway contract route. It can be used to validate the city name and ZIP Code that is part of a mailing address and to link to other address management products. Also called City State File. One of two federally administered retirement plans under which USPS employees are covered.

CSRS is considered a defined benefit, contributory retirement system because employees share in the expense of the annuities to which they become entitled. Employees under CSRS pay no Social Security taxes other than Medicare tax, and make a contribution to the plan based on a percentage of their gross income.

USPS puts an additional amount into the plan based on a percentage of employee income. Most eligible career employees hired on or after January 1, , are covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System.

See mail class. The grouping of mailable matter into mail classes, products, and price categories, according to content, weight, size, and preparation standards as defined in the Mail Classification Schedule. Required wording or corresponding abbreviation that appears on the face of the mailpiece to identify a mail class e.

The class marking indicates the level of service to be provided and, when combined with any required price-specific marking, the price claimed and eligibility for processing on automation equipment. Also called basic marking or product marking. A Periodicals price that is available to an authorized mailer of educational, scientific, or religious publications for scholastic or religious instruction in a classroom setting.

The latest time that a type of mail either class or destination can pass through an operation to make the proper dispatch to the downline operation or facility by the critical entry time of that operation or facility. Mail accepted and verified by USPS that is ready for release to operations for processing. A general term for an employee who distributes or sorts mail and performs other allied mail processing functions or assists customers at a retail window at a Post Office, station, or branch.

An online USPS shipping application through usps. Additional functionalities include an address book, shipping history, batch label capability, integration with the Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notification SCAN form, multiple payment options, and linking to scheduling a pickup.

After the data files are received, the mailpieces are printed, addressed, sorted, and presented by a contracted firm to USPS for further sorting and delivery. Also called Click2Mail. See also CardStore. The latest time that USPS can assign mail to a specific routing. The mail is due the contracted or USPS transportation before the specified departure time.

A centralized grouping of individually locked and keyed compartments or mailboxes, such as a wall-mounted unit in an apartment building or a free-standing neighborhood delivery and collection box unit. The carrier can generally access the individual compartments at one time by using a special key to unlock a facing or rear flat panel front- or back-loading or, for vertical boxes, top-loading an entire row of boxes that swing away from the wall to expose the tops of each box.

See also neighborhood delivery and collection box unit. An alternative preparation method for First- Class Mail pieces that allows the combining of flat-size automation price and Presorted price pieces within the same bundle under the single minimum bundle size requirement.

A codification of the rules published in the Federal Register by executive departments and agencies of the federal government. Title 39 presents USPS regulations for governance that include the Board of Governors, Post Office services, organization and administration, restrictions on the private carriage of letters, personnel, postage programs, procurement, debt obligations and Postal Money Orders, environment, and rules of procedure and practice.

Title 39 also contains regulations for the Postal Regulatory Commission and regulations for market dominant and competitive products.

See also Mail Classification Schedule. CASS certification provides a common platform to measure the quality of address matching software and to diagnose and correct software problems.

Only software and products can be CASS certified. A roll of postage stamps one stamp wide usually in quantities of 50, , 3,, or 10, produced in a long single row with a straight edge on parallel sides and perforations or diecuts on the other two sides.

The coil format enables the mechanical application of affixing stamps to large-volume mailings and dispensing stamps from vending machines. The term coil is derived from the action of winding long strips into rolls. The buying and selling of unutilized truck space or empty truck space for mutual benefit. The natural imbalances of mail volume between cities and required service standards can create empty space on return trips.

To combine or merge two or more sets of sequence mail together into one bundle while maintaining the sequence of delivery. To pick up from customers or collection boxes letters, flats, and parcels that are to be entered into the mailstream as mail for processing and subsequent delivery. It is the opposite function of deliver, which is the transfer of mail from USPS to customers. This operation is usually scheduled to meet mail processing and dispatch requirements. A four-footed, free-standing blue-painted street box that is used by the public to deposit outgoing prepaid letters, flats, and lightweight parcels.

It has a rounded top and a protective opening cut in near the top that pivots to open and close to receive and protect the items. Each box is secured with special security lock called an arrow lock. The box has a uniform appearance and a nationwide identification system that shows USPS logo, type of service, and collection times provided at each box. In addition to the standard size box, there are larger boxes for high-volume areas, a Priority Mail Express box, and a relay box.

See also high density collection box and jumbo collection box. A plastic or fiberboard four-sided tub placed in an empty collection box to receive deposited mail.

Mail deposited into a collection box or lobby drop, as well as mail collected by carriers on their delivery rounds. A Web-based management tool that supervisors use to monitor collection schedules and maintain the facilities information.

This system lets district, area, and national users review and track collection point information nationally. In city delivery service, a carrier route for picking up mail deposited into street collection boxes or mail chutes and lobby drops in buildings and mail from large companies that does not require verification.

Most collection routes are motorized. Other designations include business collection routes, residential collection routes, and mixed collection routes.

A large red plastic card that is placed in a collection box to check whether collection service is being performed and within the scheduled time. The carrier collecting mail from the box returns the card to the delivery unit supervisor. Informally, also called valentine. A Special Service for mailers who need to mail an article for which they have not received payment from the addressee. The amount due the mailer sending the article is collected from the addressee either in cash or by a personal check, and USPS returns the amount due to the mailer.

The fee for mailing COD articles is in addition to postage. A carrier who gathers mail from street collection boxes and building boxes and chutes and then transports it to the designated facility for processing.

A motorized route that combines the functions of collection, relay, Standard Post service, or intercity or intracity routes. A Standard Post route in which other delivery duties are performed. A combined mailing can also consist of nonidentical-weight permit imprint mailpieces or pieces with different prices of postage affixed. Each publication in a combined mailing must be authorized or pending authorization to be mailed at Periodicals prices.

A postage stamp that depicts the cultural and historical heritage of the United States e. This type of stamp is usually issued at the 1-ounce single-piece First-Class Mail letter price, is printed in limited quantities, is typically large and colorful, is sold for a limited time, and is generally sought by stamp collectors.

Compare with definitive stamp and special-issue stamp. A general term for the types of mail products used by business mailers that require advanced preparation such as barcoding and sortation. Compare with retail mail. A private third party that engages in a principal- agent relationship to provide services related to mail preparation and mailing for clients.

A private business that acts as the mail- receiving agent for specific clients. An incentive available through a negotiated contract generally with a large-volume mailer. See also negotiated service agreement NSA. A discounted price schedule for Priority Mail that consists of five price tiers, based on zone and the package size cubic volume rather than weight.

Packages can range in size up to one-half cubic foot and weigh up to 20 pounds. A discounted price schedule for First-Class Mail parcels, Priority Mail Express service, and Priority Mail service that is lower than retail prices and Commercial Base prices for customers shipping a required annual minimum number of pieces and using a specified means to pay postage such as Click-N-Ship service, PC Postage, and Information-Based Indicia postage meters.

An incentive available to a mailer mailing above specified volume levels. To integrate dissimilar mail such as subscriber and nonsubscriber copies, machinable and irregular parcels into the same mailing.

The specific amount of space in cubic feet set aside for transporting mail aboard an aircraft or flight. A contract postal unit that provides service in a community where an independent Post Office has been discontinued. A product designation within the competitive products category that includes services such as Adult Signature that are available for specific mail classes and products and can often be combined with other services.

See also Ancillary Service. A category of postal products and services commonly referred to as shipping services for which similar products and services are offered by private sector carriers.

Pricing changes occur annually, and USPS is free to price competitive products as long as they cover their costs, are not subsidized by market dominant products also known as mailing services , and make an appropriate contribution to institutional costs. Niels Van Gogh Feat. Adrian Bood - Rollin Radio Edit Ready To Bounce! Remix Edit Lunde Bros - Slapper Album Version Ares Carter - Wampa John Dish - Homme Rome - Hypersaw Original Mix Lethal Bizzle Feat. Deniz Koyu - Ruby Radio Edit

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