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Fandango AMCTheatres. More Info. Submit By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. How did you buy your ticket? View All Photos 9. Movie Info. In the Nazi-occupied Norwegian village of Trollness, citizens are preparing to resist their invaders.

But when Karen's Nazi-collaborator brother, Johann John Beal , reappears in town, she must decide whether to betray her family for her village. Lewis Milestone. Aug 12, Errol Flynn Gunnar Brogge.

Ann Sheridan Karen Stensgard. Walter Huston Dr. Martin Stensgard. Nancy Coleman Katja. Helmut Dantine Captain Koenig. Judith Anderson Gerd Bjarnesen. Ruth Gordon Anna Stensgard. John Beal Johann Stensgard. Roman Bohnen Lars Malken. Lewis Milestone Director. The great love of his life is his daughter, Emma Bojana Novakovic.

She works for a giant, secretive corporation named Northmoor. Few corporations with "moor" in their titles are wholly trustworthy; we think too much about bodies being buried there.

Emma comes home for a visit, rather unexpectedly. She is having nosebleeds. A bleeding nose can be a symptom of numerous disorders, but in a thriller, as we all know, there's only one possible diagnosis. Emma has hardly arrived when there's a knock on the door, they answer it together, and a man in a hood screams "Craven! It is assumed that the detective Thomas Craven was the intended target.

Craven's not so sure. His investigation leads him to Northmoor and its silky, sinister chairman, Jack Bennett Danny Huston , ominously courteous, just as his father was in " Chinatown ".

Bennett tears himself away from planning Northmoor's campaign contributions long enough to greet Craven in his office, atop a towering aerie overlooking his feudal lands. Because much of the movie is a cranked-up thriller with chases, fights, conspiracies and all that stuff, permit me a digression on secretive, shadowy corporations.

What kinds of headquarters buildings do they inhabit? Share this project. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Support Select this reward. Requires Edge of Darkness core game. Estimated delivery Sep Jedburgh shows Craven the CIA's file on Emma's activities: GAIA had become suspicious of Northmoor when a nearby reservoir had become contaminated with radioactive material, an occurrence that had also alerted the CIA, leading them to believe Northmoor was illegally storing plutonium.

Jedburgh is played as a hard-bitten professional with a wry sense of humour and a passion for ballroom dancing. Along with Harcourt and Pendleton, he is keen to find the source and purpose of the plutonium.

The police close in on their suspect, Lowe, who is severely injured in a fall while trying to escape. Emma's boyfriend, Terry Shields, tells Craven that she was investigating a hot cell in Northmoor; he is later killed.

Pendleton tells Craven that he believes Grogan was behind Emma's death. Returning to Yorkshire for Emma's funeral, Craven is refused permission to seek a warrant to enter Northmoor. Returning home, he is observed by McCroon.

McCroon breaks into Craven's house intent on killing him. Craven demands McCroon tell him who he is working for but McCroon is shot by a police marksman before he can say anything. Through a contact of Mac Struan Roger , a colleague from his time in Northern Ireland, Craven gains access to a terminal connected to the MI5 computer. He also obtains a three-dimensional map of Northmoor from the computer. Craven contacts Jedburgh and asks him to accompany him inside Northmoor.

Craven and Jedburgh penetrate Northmoor and discover the hot cell which has been sealed off following an explosion - a consequence of GAIA's attempted break-in. Jedburgh, under orders from the CIA, enters the hot cell and steals the plutonium. Craven and Jedburgh escape Northmoor but both are dying from radiation poisoning.

Also present at the conference is Grogan who announces that the British government has approved the purchase of IIF and speaks with cold passion of harnessing the power of the atom to conquer the galaxy.

The audience of military and civilian officials applauds but Jedburgh in U. He finishes by bringing together two bars of plutonium he has removed from Northmoor, causing a criticality accident and irradiating himself and the nearby Grogan. Emma's ghost appears to Craven and tells him of a time when black flowers grew, warming the Earth and preventing life from becoming extinct. She tells him that the black flowers have returned and will melt the polar icecaps, destroying mankind so that life can continue.

Craven goes to dissuade Jedburgh from the next step in his plan, which is to cause a nuclear explosion in Scotland with the rest of the plutonium. He succeeds, though the secret service follow him and kill Jedburgh. Craven, like Jedburgh and Grogan fatally exposed to radiation, wanders into the mountains to die, calling Emma's name. On the mountains, as Emma predicted, the black flowers are growing, foreshadowing the planet's war against humanity. Long-standing BBC visual effects designer Mat Irvine , who contributed visual effects to the series, received a brief cameo as a police diver in "Breakthrough".

The musical score was provided by Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen. Mar 26, Deb Threadgill rated it it was amazing. I hope Kyla Stone can somehow keep these four and Hannah and Liam alive until the end of the series. I started it Wednesday morning and finished it late Wednesday night. Kyla Stone handles this genre better than any of the other authors I have read and for the most part, good or bad, you seem to really know the characters.

If I found give ten stars to a book, this one deserves it. Thank Kyla for such wonderful writing. Mar 23, Jose Reynoso rated it it was amazing. Jaw Dropping!! Definitely 5 out of 5 Stars Kyla Stone keeps surprising me with the twists and suspense. I think Pike has more lives than a cat, but so does Liam, Hannah, and Ghost. In order to really feel this story, you must first get into the characters, then you will actually begin to smell the trash, crap, blood, at the killers compound.

You Begin to feel the numbness from the freezing weather while Liam, Hannah, and Ghost are being chased by Pike. But you also feel the closeness between Mil Jaw Dropping!! But you also feel the closeness between Milo and Quinn, and Liam and Hannah. Once Kyla Stone begins the story, it increases in action, suspense, suspicion, trust, and deceit.

Everytime you feel like you figure something out, it changes and then the Jaw drops and you ask yourself "wait did that just happen" Hannah does bring tears to your eyes and when you think she is almost home, more action and suspense. Few more interesting plots going on but I will not spoil it. Get the book Please, you will not be disappointed. In fact, I promise you will be begging for more. Apr 27, Jackie McMillan rated it liked it. The female protagonist, Hannah Sheridan, aided by the ex-military Liam Coleman and Ghost, the Pyrenees Mountain dog, and the male protagonist, her husband, Noah Sheridan, move slowly towards an eventual meeting.

I'm generally not a reader of series, so I find the ends of each novel a bit jarring and annoying. Once again, Edge of Darkness is fast paced, and reasonably believable, well as long as you In this book, Kyla Stone blends the two stories she began in Edge of Collapse and Edge of Madness. Once again, Edge of Darkness is fast paced, and reasonably believable, well as long as you discount the odds of actually meeting a violent psychopath who kidnaps you and holds you captive for five years, only to be released by an electromagnetic pulse attack that takes out most of continental North America.

I did like that the toilet paper motif continued: "She didn't want to think about a time when toilet paper was no longer available. What would people use? Corn cobs, like in the old days? Aug 09, Rosemary rated it it was amazing Shelves: murder-mysteries , horror , epic-adventure-thriller , police-cia-thrillers , a-what-if-future-scenario-sto , action-adventure-suspense-thrller.

Having suffered five years of trauma at the hands of ruthless sadist, Gavin Stone, MC Hannah Sheridan - and her new baby, the result of rape - are reunited with her husband, Sheriff Noah and her fast-growing son Milo, who was himself only a baby when she was taken , Edge of Darkness - a review by Rosemary Kenny Edge of Darkness is Book 5 in Kyla Stone's Edge of Collapse, an EMP Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller series, that continues this devastatinglty unputdownable what if?

Having suffered five years of trauma at the hands of ruthless sadist, Gavin Stone, MC Hannah Sheridan - and her new baby, the result of rape - are reunited with her husband, Sheriff Noah and her fast-growing son Milo, who was himself only a baby when she was taken , thanks mainly to ex-military man-turned-saviour, Liam Coleman. Others also take their chances in returning to their homes in Fall Creek - but what fortune or disaster attends the outcasts' arrival?

Who holds the reins of power now - and with what result? Get your copy of Edge of Darkness by Kyla Stone, to find out what perils and pains await outsiders and residents alike, under a vengeful mother's reign!

Mar 21, Donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: apocalypse , post-apocalyptic , thriller , all-time-fave-post-apocalyptic. This is quite a ride! I just finished Edge of Darkness, the third book in this exciting series. Kyla Stone has written one of her best works here. What a storyteller! This is action packed and features characters we love and ones we love to hate. People face some very stark decisions to survive and keep themselves and their community safe.

We see all these characters come to life. They have become old friends. Noah and Milo and Quinn, who are trying to survive in Fall Creek. And of course Quinn' This is quite a ride!

And of course Quinn's grandmother whom I just love. We see Hannah, pregnant, cold and scared, with Liam fleeing the monster Pike who stalks them. And of course Ghost whom we love and care for like he was our own dog.

Everyone is trying to keep the monsters away, both in others and in themselves. If you haven't read this one yet, jump in. It is a new series by one of the best writers of apocalyptic fiction out there.

You won't be disappointed. I feel like I need start turning off the book before I crawl into bed because last night was the 3rd night in a row I was awake hours past my bedtime because I couldn't stop listening. This book switches between all of the POV's from the other books, I enjoy that because we get to follow along the timeline with all of the main characters.

It seems that Noah's town is starting to divide and people are about to start rebelling against the "leaders".

It's going to be great I just know it ; The narration was perfect as always in this series! Jul 26, Candy Robosky rated it it was amazing. This book starts off with Hannah, Noah's wife, and Liam as they try to escape Pike. As the story continues we also join Noah, Quinn, and Milo as their lives with no electricity continues as the frigid winter continues. The evils of human nature continue to unveil themselves in this installment Stone does a great and realistic job of showing what would happen as resources are running low.

Also the question of how to handle criminals during this challenging time is brought up-do civil rights go out the window, are we still innocent until proven guilty, and so many more questions arise.

In Edge of Darkness two to four players take on the roles of Guild Leaders who control the political, economic, and defensive power of Aegis, seeking to subjugate their rivals and become masters of the City and defeat the threat of the Blight.

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  1. Jan 28,  · Based on the popular, award-winning British television miniseries Edge of Darkness (), written by Troy Kennedy-Martin, and directed by Martin Campbell. In the original, Bob Peck played Craven, and Joe Don Baker played Darius Jedburgh/10(K).
  2. Apr 24,  · Directed by Lewis Milestone. With Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan, Walter Huston, Nancy Coleman. After two years under German rule, a small Norwegian fishing village rises up and revolts against the occupying Nazis/10(2K).
  3. Edge of Darkness () (1,) IMDb 1h 56min X-Ray R When a police detective's daughter is murdered on his front steps, his solitary search to find her killer takes him to a dangerous, looking-glass world of corporate esilloztiotory.snarenterabricowonhostcharnaconle.co: Mystery, Thriller.
  4. Jan 29,  · Edge of Darkness Critics Consensus For better and for worse, Edge of Darkness offers vintage Mel Gibson, working within the familiar framework of a bloody revenge thriller%.
  5. Edge of Darkness is the third Card Crafting Game from Alderac Entertainment Group designed by John D. Clair. Edge of Darkness combines Card Crafting, Worker Placement, shared deck-building, and a whole new Threat Challenge system in a medium-weight euro-style board game of 60 to minutes for 1 to 4 players.
  6. Jul 14,  · Alderac Entertainment Group is raising funds for Edge of Darkness Cliffs of Coldharbor from AEG on Kickstarter! A new expansion for the card crafting, worker placement game with variable Locations, designed by John D Clair.
  7. Edge of Darkness Limited Edition. Guaranteed instant access to closed beta; Digital copy pre-load; Huge size of stash (10x68) Additional equipment and resources in stash: Tactical Tomahawk; tactical rig x2 (depends on selected faction) backpack x2 (Tri-Zip - 5x6 cells).
  8. Edge of Darkness PDF? Just wondering if there is a PDF or other document for Edge of Darkness? Due to current isolating conditions, I can't sneakily use the photocopier at work to grab the handouts etc in Book Three of the starter set and I .
  9. The Norwegian resistance to the Nazi occupation of their country inspired several wartime films from Hollywood, including this Warner Bros. production, filmed in and around Monterey, California Produce Company: MGM/UA Home Entertainment Inc.

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