Dead Forever

So, so sad to see. New York will not recover - - until the bike lanes, pedestrian plazas - - and commies - - are gone. I returned in the late 90s and Giuliani had resurrected the city. I will never go back if a Democrat is in charge. Not only has business decided that work from home is viable but the internet is transforming retail. No need to open a fancy retail store in downtown NYC just to have it looted 3 months later.

Violence is driving people away from the Dem cities in droves. Who wants to brave going downtown to shop when they can order anything online.

Toss in the exorbitant taxes and the mayor calling for even more and NYC is going to lose a third of their residents forever. Most of these will be taxpayers that they can ill afford to lose. What's left will be the welfare-dependent poor, the criminals, and the drones working for the city.

My goodness. This James Altucher guy has written like 20 books on getting rich, being positive and successful in life. Look at the numbers for San Francisco and the physical state of that place that has been ruined by leftist and liberal Democrat politics, and that the leftist and liberal Democrat Party wants to put up San Francisco far left politician Kamala Harris to be the covert President of the USA, along with San Francisco far left politician Nancy Pelosi to be the most powerful politician in the US Congress!

Does anyone see anything out of kilter with the politics of the rest of the nation with those Democrat selections? I really want to see the Memorial. It was still a muddy pit last time I was up there. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Broadway is closed until at least the Spring. Lincoln Center is closed. All the museums are closed. Forget about the tens of thousands of jobs lost in these cultural centers.

Forget even about the millions of dollars of tourist and tourist-generated revenues lost by the closing of these centers. There are thousands of performers, producers, artists, and the entire ecosystem of art, theater, production, curation, that surrounds these cultural centers. People who have worked all of their lives for the right to be able to perform even once on Broadway whose lives and careers have been put on hold.

But the question now is: what happens next? And, given the uncertainty since there is no known answer , and given the fact that people, cities, economies, loathe uncertainty, we simply don't know the answer and that's a bad thing for New York City.

Right now, Broadway is closed "at least until early " and then there are supposed to be a series of "rolling dates" by which it will reopen. But is that true? We simply don't know. And what does that mean? Broadway shows can't survive with that! And will performers, writers, producers, investors, lenders, stagehands, landlords, etc wait a year?

Same for the museums, Lincoln Center, and the thousand other cultural reasons millions come to New York City every year. My favorite restaurant is closed for good. Ok, let's go to my second favorite. Closed for good. Third favorite, closed for good. I thought the PPP was supposed to help. What about emergency relief? Stimulus checks? No and no. Ok, my fourth favorite, or what about that place I always ordered delivery from?

Around Late May I took walks and saw that many places were boarded up. Ok, I thought, because the protesting was leading to looting and the restaurants were protecting themselves. They'll be ok. Before the pandemic, the average restaurant had only 16 days of cash on hand. Some had more McDonalds , and some had less the local mom-and-pop Greek diner.

Someone said to me, "Well, people will want to come in now and start their own restaurants! There is less competition. Restaurants want other restaurants nearby. That's why there's one street in Manhattan 46th St between 8th and 9th called Restaurant Row. It's all restaurants. That's why there's another street called "Little India" and another one called "Koreatown". Restaurants happen in clusters and then people say, "Let's go out to eat" and even if they don't know where they want to eat they go to the area where all the restaurants are.

If the restaurants are no longer clustered, fewer people go out to eat they are on the fence about where so they elect to stay home.

Restaurants breed more restaurants. And again, what happens to all the employees who work at these restaurants? Had some fun times here. Joe6pak — those were the good times! Forgetaboutit… Great place to grow up believe it or not, but we know its time to get the heck away from now…far away. Even the burbs is too close and we are on the edge… 6. I posted this on another site: Dear New York City, Until your racist voters come to their senses and stop their unceasing hatred of white people, stop their forbearance of violence and murder and allow police to do their job, screw New York City.

Is Los Angeles next? Well, well, well. Cities can come back? It was culturally on top of its game — home to artists, theater, media, advertising, publishing. And it was probably the food capital of the U. NYC has never been locked down for five months. Not in any pandemic, war, financial crisis, never. This is not to say what should have been done or should not have been done. That part is over.

Now we have to deal with what IS. In early March, many people not me , left NYC when they felt it would provide safety from the virus and they no longer needed to go to work and all the restaurants were closed. And then in June, during rioting and looting, a second wave of NYCers this time including me left.

I have kids. Nothing was wrong with the protests but I was a little nervous when I saw videos of rioters after curfew trying to break into my building. Many people left temporarily but there were also people leaving permanently. Now a third wave of people is leaving. But they might be too late. And rentals are soaring in the second- and third-tier cities.

I also got my place sight unseen. Robyn was looking at listings around Miami and then she saw an area we had never been to before. We found three houses we liked. She called the real estate agent. Place No.

The agent said they came from New York for three hours, saw the place, got it, and went back to pack. And when I am in air conditioning. I co-own a comedy club, Standup NY, on 78th and Broadway. One time, Henry Winkler stopped by to come on my podcast. He was the one who told me it had been a theater. This place has history.

Jim Gaffigan fell flat on his face while he was walking up the step. I love the club. Before the pandemic I would perform there throughout the week in addition to many other clubs around the city and, in the past few months, clubs in Chicago, Denver, San Jose, LA, Cincinnati, all over the Netherlands, and other places. We had a show in May. An outdoor show. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site.

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NYC Is Dead Forever Here’s Why. I love NYC. When I first moved to NYC, it was a dream come true. Every corner was like a theater production happening right .

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