This tall, horizontally branched cactus is probably the most recognizable cactus in Arizona. What is it called? Words nearby coda cocozelle , Cocteau , cocurricular , cocuswood , cod , coda , cod-act , co-day , codder , coddle , code. Words related to coda farewell , windup , summation , postscript , finale , sequel , ending , conclusion , postlude , peroration , follow-up , adieu , climax , culmination , epilogue , goodbye , closer , end piece , envoi , famous last words.

Thus, the cauda provided a conclusionary role, also similar to the modern coda. Many songs in rock and other genres of popular music have sections identifiable as codas. A coda in these genres is sometimes referred to as an " outro ", while in jazz, modern church music and barbershop arranging it is commonly called a "tag".

One of the most famous codas is found in the single " Hey Jude " by The Beatles. The coda lasted nearly four minutes, making the song's full length at just over the seven-minute mark, and the single topped the U. Billboard chart for nine weeks, tying it for the longest run at the top of the chart.

In music notation , the coda symbol , which resembles a set of crosshairs, is used as a navigation marker, similar to the dal segno sign. It is used where the exit from a repeated section is within that section rather than at the end. Omnibus Press. Coda — Led Zeppelin at AllMusic.

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Log In. Definition of coda. Examples of coda in a Sentence The movie's coda shows the main character as an adult 25 years later.

First Known Use of coda circa , in the meaning defined at sense 1a. History and Etymology for coda Italian, literally, tail, from Latin cauda. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about coda. By Joe Leydon. And it helps even more if the lead performances are as subtly affecting as those offered here by Patrick Stewart as Henry Cole, a celebrated musician who finds himself increasingly stressed by stage fright late in his decades-long career, and Katie Holmes as Helen Morrison, a thirtysomething or thereabouts writer for The New Yorker who wants to profile Cole as he warily launches his first concert tour in years.

Early on, when she approaches him backstage after a Manhattan performance, Helen reveals that her own musical ambitions ended abruptly during her youth after she crashed and burned at a piano competition. Is she telling the truth, or trying to win over a reluctant interview subject, or both? Even then, though, Henry is loath to reveal too much about himself. Not long afterward, we see her reading a book very clearly stamped with a secondhand bookstore price tag.

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Feb 01,  · Directed by Claude Lalonde. With Patrick Stewart, Katie Holmes, Giancarlo Esposito, Don Anderson. A famous pianist struggling with stage fright late in his career finds inspiration with a free-spirited music critic/10().

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  4. Coda definition is - a concluding musical section that is formally distinct from the main structure. How to use coda in a sentence.
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