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Pisces is a constellation of the zodiac and is located in the Northern celestial hemisphere. Its name is the Latin plural for fish. It lies between Aquarius to the west and Aries to the east. The ecliptic and the celestial equator intersect within this constellation and in Virgo. M74 is a loosely wound type Sc spiral galaxy in Pisces, found at a distance of 30 million light years redshift 0.

It has many clusters of young stars and the associated nebulae , showing extensive regions of star formation. A type II-P supernova was discovered in the outer regions of M74 by Robert Evans in June ; the star that underwent the supernova was later identified as a red supergiant with a mass of 8 solar masses. NGC is an isolated face-on prototypical spiral galaxy. NGC is a pair of colliding galaxies located 90 million lightyears away. The cluster is primarily made up of yellow elliptical and spiral galaxies, at a distance of 3.

Its jets, caused by the supermassive black hole at its center, extend several million light-years in both directions, making them some of the largest objects in the universe.

NU Rikis-nu. Magnitude of Alrescha 4. Azimuth: Max altitude: DSS2 image of Alrescha. An Astronomical Unit is the distance between Earth and the Sun. The number of A. The star's Galacto-Centric Distance is 7, Travel Time to Alrescha The time it will take to travel to this star is dependent on how fast you are going. A note about the calculations, when I'm talking about years, I'm talking non-leap years only days. The New Horizons space probe is the fastest probe that we've sent into space at the time of writing.

Its primary mission was to visit Pluto which at the time of launch , Pluto was still a planet. Mach 1 is the speed of sound, Mach 2 is twice the speed of sound.

Corncorde before it was retired was the fastest commercial airline across the Atlantic and only one that could do Mach 2. The star is a rotating Alpha2 Canum Venatic variable type which means that its size changes over time. The Variable Type is usually named after the first star of that type to be spotted. Alrescha brightness ranges from a magnitude of 3. The smaller the magnitude, the brighter the star.

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Jesus Christ. A King, a God. Nice white and blue pair listed as A0p and A3m spectral types. Also a mover, the Sixth Orbit Catalog has them at 1. Measured at 1. PJ Anway. Alrisha, located at the intersection of the tail-fins of Pisces, is easily seen with the naked eye at 4th magnitude. Olcott states that it is "difficult for a 3 inch telescope"; I found it moderately challenging in my 80mm at X.

At this power in a 3 inch, the colors are too dim to detect, but using his 5.

Alrescha, also designated as α Piscium (alpha Piscium), is a variable and double hypergiant star in the constellation of Pisces. Alrescha visual magnitude is Because of its moderate brightness, Alrescha should be easily visible from locations with dark skyes, while it can be barely visible, or not visible at all, from skyes affected by light pollution.

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  1. Alrescha (Alpha Piscium) is a blue star that can be located in the constellation of Pisces.
  2. With Alpha Piscium, Rachel Evans returns to the cassette format after nearly a year’s worth of monthly, self-released compact discs. The music on Alpha Piscium was mostly recorded in spring of but was left to ferment for a year while Evans continued work on her ongoing, monthly CD series.
  3. ALRESCHA (Alpha Piscium). ancient and sprawling zodiacal constellation of Pisces, the Fishes, Alrescha has a central place, at the southeastern point of two lines of stars that represent the ribbon that connects the two celestial fish, and thus was chosen by.
  4. Provided to YouTube by Symphonic Distribution Alpha Piscium · Carter Wilson!!!!! ℗ Carter Wilson Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  5. Fixed star Alrisha, Alpha Piscium, is a magnitude double star, pale green and blue, marking the knot in the cord that binds the Fishes, Pisces Constellation. The name Alrisha comes from Alrescha, the Arabic الرشآء al-rišā, meaning the well rope. Another old name for this star is Okda, from the Arabic عقدة uqdah, which means knot.
  6. Fum al Samakah is a b6ve main sequence star that can be located in the constellation of Pisces. The description is based on the spectral class. Fum al Samakah is a main star of the constellation outline. Based on the spectral type (B6Ve) of the star, the star's colour is blue.
  7. Alpha Piscium has a combined apparent magnitude of and is approximately light years distant from the solar system. ε Piscium (Epsilon Piscium) Epsilon Piscium is an orange giant star belonging to the stellar class K0 III, slightly larger and more luminous than the Sun.
  8. α Piscium is a double star in the constellation of Pisces. α Piscium visual magnitude is Because of its reltive faintness, α Piscium should be visible only from locations with dark skyes, while it is not visible at all from skyes affected by light pollution. The table below summarizes the key facts about α Piscium.

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